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July 19, 2024
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4 Artistic Ways to Incorporate Mirrors in Home

Playing around with mirrors is a designer’s favourite thing to do. There is so much you can do with just a small mirror. The best part there is no hard and fast rule here. Let the creative juices flow and do whatever you like. We love mirrors because they brighten up the room’s vibe especially big ones that make the room look bigger. Also, mirrors are genuinely easy to find. There are so many decorative mirrors for sale here and there.

Do you want to know more about how you can be creative with mirrors at home? This is just the right platform. We are here to discuss some gorgeous ideas for decorating your home with mirrors.

  1. Mix and Match with Paintings

We love it when homeowners dedicate a wall to multiple frames consisting of paintings and plain mirrors. It makes your space look like a timeless gallery that we all wish to visit. Also, this might become an Instagram-worthy corner of your home. Go for classic wooden frames if wood is a dominant theme. Otherwise, dull gold frames also bring a magical appeal to the room.

  • A Big Framed Mirror

A big framed mirror in the living room makes the room look large and of course, enhances the beauty. It is very simple to do so. Get a mirror cut in the preferred size and have it framed in the material that goes well with the living room interior. You can also visit stores that have decorative mirrors for sale. Maybe you can find a good ready-made option. You can either hang the mirror right above a console or simply put it up on the wall behind the sofa. Anyway, you are a better judge because you know your home better.

  • Mirrors of Different Shapes and Sizes

It is more or less similar to doing a mix and match with paintings. However, this time you will be playing around with mirrors only. What you need to do is get the mirrors cut into different shapes and sizes and have them framed. For instance, oval, square, and rectangle of different sizes. Now create an interesting composition on an empty wall in the house and hang them on the wall. This will again make your house resemble an art gallery. Anyway, you are a better judge because you know your home better.

  • Painted Mirrors

Painted mirrors will never go out of trend and they never should. A neatly painted mirror beautifully adds a new dimension. You can either buy already painted mirrors or have them painted as per your likes. However, it’s your job to make sure that the colours and design of the painting are in line with the overall theme of the room.

So these are our most favorite ways to use mirrors. There are plenty of other tricks to use mirrors, hence, make full use of your creative freedom. Also, do visit an online furniture store in Lahore to get the mirror delivered to your doorstep.