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June 9, 2024
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5 Benefits of Getting a Wall Hung Vanity for Your Bathroom

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Floating or wall hung vanities are increasingly gaining traction in the world of bathroom accessories. Meanwhile, multiple aspects explain this rise in inquiries about the same. Overall, reports suggest that the market for bathroom vanities globally was valued at USD 7.5 billion in 2018, which is expected to expand till 2025.

So, if you’re planning to change the look and feel of your bathroom, getting a good looking yet cheap wall hung vanity should top your list of options. Meanwhile, wall hung vanities are mounted to the bathroom wall, unlike typical vanities that occupy a lot of floor space. Floating vanities are a style statement on their own. An impeccable and straightforward design solution for smaller bathrooms, they have manifold benefits.

Continue reading to find out reasons why a wall hung vanity is bound to change the look of your bathroom forever.

Notable Advantages of Having a Wall Hung Vanity

In the newest of designs, wall hung vanities are a trend-setter. Each crafted to please, they are a fantastic add on to your bathroom. And the benefits of having a wall hung vanity are listed below.

1. Extra Space

Wall hung vanities are known for expanding the space in the bathroom, making it airy and more spacious. It makes the bathroom look narrower and streamlined instead of bulky. And when the vanity is mounted on the bathroom wall, the light bounces from the floor while adding an effect of ventilation to the setting.

These vanities are the solution to all problems that people with smaller bathrooms face. A creative and easy design solution, they were mainly designed to manage space and storage simultaneously. Of course, the space wouldn’t increase by many inches, but the feel would be altered forever. Nevertheless, it’s one trick you can’t miss out on trying.

2. Available in a Variety of Sizes

Wall hung vanities are available in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, typical, floored vanities are height specific and make it difficult to accommodate people of different heights. However, wall hung vanities can be placed at any height comfortable to you and your family.

3. Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance

This is a crucial thing in favour of wall hung vanities. Cleaning under a wall hung vanity comes with a lot of ease and efficiency, and you can clean it almost every day or dust it off and ta-da!

4. There Is No Fuss Involved

Further, on days when you have a wet bathroom floor, you wouldn’t have to worry about the bottom of the vanity being affected by repeated exposure to water as these vanities are elevated from the ground.

5. Contemporary Style

If you have modern taste, the floating vanity is the right appeal for you. Wall hung vanities are an excellent choice for contemporary bathroom settings. And there is a wide range of options available to pick from, from curved ends to rectangular ones. The market is flourishing, with newer designs flushing into the domain every day. Moreover, since they are incredibly customisable, they are best suited for all types of bathrooms. So, you need to pick the design that pleases your eye and fits your bathroom’s needs.

If you need to style your bathroom, there’s nothing better than good looking yet cheap wall hung vanity that could help you. Meanwhile, the importance of saving space while keeping up with the trend cannot be emphasised enough in today’s times. Thus, these vanities serve as the answer to all your questions and dilemmas.

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