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April 25, 2024
Software Technology

5 Reasons Why Software Development Projects Fail

Above 50% executives of the business believe that the software projects that are run by their company can lead to failure. Since the management at a higher level is not taking an active part in the projects, so the projects having the percentage more than 30 are not successful. With a certain amount of budget, the possibility of successful completion of the project is less than 33%. The number of software developers that are present in all the countries are more than 21 million. These people are the professionals in their work.

If a software project cannot reach its required objective of the trade then we can call it the failure of the software project. A lot of time and money is wasted that was used in making this project. Also, if the designs of the software project are less in number, maintenance cost is very high, quality of the software is very poor, then this can also be called as the failure of the software project.

Now I will give you 5 reasons why software development projects fail?

1. If the communication is poor – There are a lot of reasons behind the need for good communication in an office. For developing a good connection between clients and the employees and enabling them to do the job in an efficient manner a good communication is necessary as it makes the conditions for the employees very good. If a single project is handled by a number of employees and the communication within those employees is not proper then it is a big problem. Each employee wants to face a smaller number of problems and desires to complete the work within the time limit. Sometimes it happens that employees do not communicate with each other during the occurrence of a problem. Since everyone is not aware of the problem, it can spoil the complete software project.

Sometimes the people at the upper level of management do not communicate properly and clearly with the lower level of employees. If they say to the employees at the lower level of the organization that there is no problem and they should not worry then if in that case a problem occurs, it can not be controlled by anybody.

So, we can say that a lot of projects get failed if internal or external communication is poor. As a result, the clients as well as employees do not feel good.

2. Not trying to change – It is in the nature of humans that they are not interested in changing. But you have to accept the new changes if you want to be called a perfect project manager. For doing the job more effectively and conveniently the teams of project development can take the help of so many tools that can be used for the purpose of managing a project. There are tools available in the market that can perform the job at a rapid rate and can also yield very good results. But if the project manager does not want to change the old tools with the new ones then it is not good. Also, if managers are not interested in adopting new techniques like lean Development, Feature Driven Development, Agile then it can restrict quick response, evolution and uninterrupted improvement in the process of developing a project. These techniques always motivate us to accept change in an organization so that the organization can be successful.

3. If the progress of the project is not reviewed regularly – We must update the timelines and initial plans on a regular basis. If you have made an initial plan and the growth of your project is not measured against this plan then it can be a serious issue. The data of your progress must be reviewed regularly by doing hard work and you should not only be guessing about it.

The status of your latest project can be checked either via doing conversation with some employees or via e-mails but the best way of doing this is that you have to arrange a meeting of all the employees involved in the project because it gives you a complete look of the growth of the project.

4. If the requirements are not clear – At first you have to plan what are the requirements of your project and then you have to compare those requirements with what was expected from this project in the beginning. Then you should provide all the essential elements that were required in the project under the limited time and money. If the outcome of the project is not the same as expected then it is not good for the software development project.

5. If a good project manager is working in your company – For the successful completion of any project of the company it is very essential that a very good project manager is working in that company. In the absence of a good manager, confusion and chaos can be created in the members of the team. If the team does not get proper guidance then it can lead to the failure of the project.

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