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April 19, 2024

5 Signs you May Have Kidney Issues

Kidney Issues

A number of people are suffering from kidney issues but are not sure of the fact that this can be something serious. Sometimes the signs indicating serious issues are attached to other conditions. But a lot of times the symptoms of serious kidney issues start causing other diseases and conditions in the body. 

According to the Karachi Kidney Specialist, many times the diagnosis happens at a time. where either the kidney has failed or there is a large amount of protein found in the urine. But it is obviously too late to get the treatment done at this stage.

The only way to know if you have kidney disease is by getting it tested on time. It is very important to keep getting tested for kidney diseases. if you are suffering from conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, old age, and a family history of kidney issues. It is very important for you to discuss all of these symptoms and explain the history as thoroughly as possible. 

Signs of Kidney Issues

The Major Signs that one needs to look for in order to identify the major kidney issues include, 

1.The presence of blood in the urine

The kidney filters play a very important role in filtering out all the waste from the blood. keeping the blood cells in the body. But, if there is damage occurred in the kidneys. already there is a possibility that blood cells will start to leak out from the urine. 

In addition to the blood being the signal to kidney diseases, it can also indicate other diseases. like kidney stones, kidney tumors, and urinary tract infection. 

Dry and Scratchy Skin 

Kidneys that are healthy perform a lot of functions in the body. These can remove extra fluid from the body and all the toxins too. They also make red blood cells, keep the bones strong and maintain the correct balance of minerals in the body. 

Itchy and dry skin can also be a sign of bone disease. And this is because of the kidneys not being able to keep a balance in the minerals present in the body. The nutrients in the blood when not managed well may also result In kidney issues. 

Trouble while sleeping 

When the kidneys are not performing their function properly, the toxins present in the blood cannot be filtered out of the body and stay in the blood. This can result in difficulty sleeping. 

One more link that is seen recently is between being overweight and sleep apnea. Obesity that causes kidney issues also does cause sleep apnea. 

Foamy Urine

If you go to the washroom and urinate and the urine that comes out is full of foam. If it’s that much that you need to flush the toilet 2 or 3 times then this is a clear indication that something is wrong with the kidneys. 

The foam that is observed looks a lot like the foam formed on the eggs when they are beaten. This is also because of the protein present in the urine called albumin. it is the same as the protein present in the eggs. 

Lesser Energy and Concentration Issues

When kidney health starts to decline, the first symptom seen in a human being is the feeling of tiredness and not being able to do anything despite the efforts. It is because of the toxins that are not being flushed due to a decline in kidney health. 

The toxins, when staying in the blood, can cause really bad concentration issues. This can cause you to feel tired and weak all the time. Another issue that comes along with weaker kidneys is anemia and anemia does cause lethargy. 


Kidney health is often taken for granted. however, it is very important to take good care of the organ. that flushes out the toxins out of the body. Drink water, opt for healthy food options. and make sure to notice all the signs that are mentioned above to keep your kidney health in check. If there is an emergency and you feel that the kidney function is disturbed. Make sure that you visit a kidney doctor as soon as possible.