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July 25, 2024

5 Tips to Make Your Sandwich Perfect Every Time

Everybody loves sandwiches. And they are easy to make. Well, there’s a difference in just making them and making them perfectly. A nicely made perfect sandwich requires some effort and let’s face the fact – not everyone can make them.

Even some of the best restaurants and cafes fail to serve the best sandwiches Montreal or in any other location. But today we are here to give away a few secrets. Secrets to make a perfectly splendid sandwich that will satisfy your hunger but please your taste buds as well.

So, without further ado, let’s start with the list of tips that could help you make the perfect sandwich every time.

1. Bread is important hence choosing the right bread is also important

The star of the sandwich is the bread. Hence, choosing the right bread to make a sandwich is very important. Now you must be wondering what’s right and wrong in choosing a bread? Well, the type of sandwich you are attempting to make greatly depends on the type of bread you pick from the market.

Well, here’s our tip to choose the bread – if you have fillings that are too moist then it is preferable to choose a bread that is dry and denser in quality. If you have more crunch in your filling then you can pick airy soft breads.

This trick will give you the perfect balance between crusty and moist elements of a sandwich.

2. Use the spread outs for adding that extra taste to it

If you think that fillings are the only thing that makes your sandwich complete then you are wrong. To add some extra flavor, make sure to use some spread out items as well. While mayo and mustards are some regulars when it comes to spread outs.

You can also experiment with your tastes by using some spread outs like pestos, salsas, BBQ sauces or any other homemade sauce. You’ll be surprised to get the flavors by adding a little bit of spread outs on your bread before you smush down the breads over the fillings.

3. Avoid the sogginess to ruin your sandwich

The worst thing that you can do to your sandwich is to make them soggy. But here’s the thing that you must be doing wrong with your sandwich to make them soggy. You use moist fillings without adding anything on your bread.

Adding creamy spreads like butter, mayo or cream cheese can help you avoid the sogginess of bread. Just spread them over breads all the way to the edge. This will create a barrier between the bread and the filling which will prevent the sogging.

4. Pick to-go toppings for fast and perfectly made sandwich

If you like to have a nicely made sandwich in your packed-up lunch at the office then make sure to apply this tip. While cucumbers and tomatoes are amazing toppings for making sandwiches but using them on the bread for a long time can make your sandwich soggy. Since they have too much moisture in them.

So, if you want sandwiches in your lunch at the office why not use to-go toppings. Some alternatives that you can use instead of moisture rich fillings are smoked or grilled bell peppers or spinach leaves instead of lettuce.

5. Take some edge off from the onions

Onions are a great addition to your sandwich. However, you can make some amendments to the way you add the onions into the sandwich. Instead of putting them raw why not jazz them up a little bit to bring more flavor to your sandwich.

You can soak the sliced onions in water for about 20 minutes and blot them with a paper towel. This will add a nice crunch to it. The other thing you can do is add some kosher salt on the onions and then put in the sandwich filling.


Now you can master the art of making a perfect sandwich every time by using these tips enumerated above. Get the best sandwiches Montreal or anywhere else in the world with the help of these useful tips.