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July 25, 2024

6 Basketball Accessories You Never Realised You Needed

6 Basketball Accessories

When it comes to the most popular sports in Australia, basketball consistently ranks in the Top 10. Legendary players like Kyrie Irving and Laurie Jackson have inspired Australian youth to take up the sport as a hobby or make a career.

A ball and a net are essential basketball equipment. However, there’s more to the game than scoring a basket. If you belong to an amateur or a professional team, here are six basketball accessories that will improve the game.

Storage Equipment

As basketballs are spherical, you can’t expect them to stay obediently on shelves or corners. They could damage objects or cause accidents. With storage equipment like cages, carts, and racks on wheels, you can conveniently deposit and convey balls before, during, and after play. Storing will avert misplacement and losses. Choose your storage equipment based on the number of basketballs you own between yourselves.

Tactical Boards

Basketball teams huddle before and during timeouts to discuss strategy. Tactical boards facilitate visualisation. Blackboards are not always portable, and your attack plan might be visible to prying eyes. Tactical boards are neat and proportional miniatures of the basketball court. Associating coloured magnets with player positions is easier than squiggles on a chalkboard.

Drink Bottles and Carriers

Basketball is an intense game that involves running, jumping, and throwing. Especially during summer matches and practice sessions, players (especially those who sweat profusely or suffer from fatigue) require frequent hydration in the form of water or energy drinks. Getting your players identical drink bottles will reinforce their team spirit just as their jerseys do. Keep the matching bottles in one place with a sturdy, compatible carrier. A portable cooler is also an excellent investment if indoor and outdoor temperatures are high.


Tiny, noisy wind instruments called whistles punctuate the game. The referee blows them to begin and end the game, announces halftime, and declares fouls. Brass and steel whistles are ideal for basketball referees as they are louder. This makes them slightly more offensive than their plastic counterparts, but this range renders them more practical for use in a noisy, aggressive sports arena. You can choose regular metal whistles or electronic whistles with or without lanyards.

Flip Scoreboards

While not ideal for massive spectatorship, flip scoreboards are perfect for practice matches with a limited or no audience. These scoreboards are fantastic basketball accessories as they are lightweight, compact, and do not require installation, power, or maintenance like digital displays. They are a great way to help players focus on the game and their technique first and the points second.

Rebound Nets

Misfiring sometimes takes the ball outside the court. When this happens, a player or an assistant must chase it down and hurl it back into the play area. If viewers do not safely distance themselves from the court, a high-momentum shot could injure them or topple food and drinks. Rebound nets minimise off-court injuries and save time.

You Can’t Pass Up Great Equipment

Make your basketball meets and matches more exciting with the best accessories to help you stay organised, hydrated, focused, and safe. If you find these accessories attractive, you might also care for line markers, sports bags, and goal posts. Visit a reputed online store with admirable quality and range to stock up on basketball equipment.

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