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April 19, 2024
Digital Marketing

6 Necessary Tips to Prevent Click Fraud

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The world of the internet can be overwhelming as well as daunting to get a proper sense of. It is also where one can be a victim of a scam pretty easily if they are not accustomed to the notion of cybersecurity. This is where a necessity for click fraud prevention arises.

Click fraud is a type of scam that mainly happens with pay-per-click advertising schemes. It is when a person or a computer programme with malicious intentions clicks on ads without meaning to purchase anything.

Such fraud can cause several damages to your company by increasing the site revenue or decreasing the company’s advertising budget. There are ways to escape from such a scam. Thus, this article presents some click fraud prevention tips for you to have a safe online experience.

Set a Fixed Price

Do not squander a considerable amount of money on click advertising at the very beginning. Set a price you are willing to pay and change it from time to time.

Spending without thinking can cause damage at once. So, it is better to limit the amount for your pay-per-click campaign.

Check the Websites

It is necessary to monitor where you are putting your ads. Do not go for random websites just because they align with your content.

Try to limit your exposure by allowing only trusted sites to place your ads. Even though this is not a surefire solution, it will still give you some protection.

Track Your Competitors

At times, the people who commit these frauds against a company are competitors of that company, as click fraud is a pretty easy way to ruin the expenses of a rival firm.

This is why it is crucial to keep an eye on what kind of companies are competing with your keywords. Some services can provide detailed tracking reports on your company, so go ahead and avail of that.

Limit Your Advertising Campaign to Specific Countries

Countries with lower labour rates are more likely to target your business if they can get past your monitoring. Clicking on advertisements is something that scammers pay them to do. So do not run ads in countries with a chance of this happening.

Use Facebook or Twitter Ads

Platforms like Facebook or Twitter are great to counter scams like these. They will run ads only on their sites, so no third parties will be there to involve themselves in the process.

Though you will be open to Click Frauds from competitors, it is not as prevalent as other scams. Plus, it will be tough to specifically find your ads as they will be based on keywords.

Set Your IP Exclusion List

Another important way to counter the scam is by tracking your click traffic. With that, you can see IP addresses that are potential threats. Keep an eye out for addresses clicking on your ads at unusual times, clicking at an abnormal pace or causing unusual high traffic.

But also be careful when excluding IP addresses, as you risk banning actual customers instead of fraudulent ones. Some organisations will do the technical work for you, so you might want to use their services.


Tracking everything happening to your website while maintaining a business is strenuous and hectic. Though you might be able to prevent scammers to some extent, monitoring every aspect can take a toll on you.

Thus it is recommended to consult professionals who offer click fraud prevention services. With their help, you can keep your company safe from fraud without breaking the bank.

Supurna Sinha has been working with writing challenged clients for over three years. She writes SEO articles for businesses that want to see their Google search rankings surge. Her educational background in science has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics.