April 21, 2024
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7 Best Instagram Marketing Trends for Businesses

Every year, social media marketers forecast what will happen in their industry for the rest year.

Yet, you can’t forecast everything, and 2020 is a perfect illustration of this.

With more than 1 billion month-to-month dynamic users, social media evolve continuously, and Instagram is no particular case.

For Instagram, some of their recent highlights were reactions to the continuous pandemic, powering new and keeping up old associations. 

Users drove different patterns. Here, we’re featuring some Instagram marketing trends to follow out as you continue evolving your 2021 social media marketing approach.

Increase your duration of Instagram live streamings

The Instagram live streaming feature was presented in 2016. it has evolved as a path for businesses and people to communicate digitally.

During 2020, they encountered a spike in interest to keep up the association and explicit declarations and occasions carefully.

Live streamings have additionally been stretched out from one hour to four hours at greatest and now show up on the Explore page.

  • Share your live streams with other Instagram users and influencers.
  • Use Q&A stickers to interact and engage your audience while live streamings.

Utilize cause marketing

In July 2020, Instagram introduced a social fundraising feature.

Users can make fundraising campaigns to drive personal causes, business, or the benefit of a companion or cause imperative to them. 

Instagram released the feature because of the impact of COVID-19 on the economy.

At the time of this feature launching, Instagram and Facebook users had crowdfunded more than $100 million for those affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Now, Instagram users are looking for those businesses, brands, and individuals who take a stand on the exact conditions and problems that matter to them.

Use Instagram carousel posts designs

With the assistance of free and simple applications, making Instagram illustrations is more straightforward than any time in recent times.

Merry go round presents incorporate up on 10 posts and videos of different accounts utilizing it for training.

Subjects range from psychological wellness to racial equity to relationship counsel and everything in the middle. 

Against Racism Daily is a day-by-day newspaper that handles a different anti-racist topic every day.

  • Pick a topic you’re excited about and transform informative tips into slides.
  • Find apps that have all sets of formats.
  • Transform your infographics into slides.

Accept Instagram challenges

Challenges aren’t another thing on Instagram, but they’ve unquestionably exploded during the pandemic, likely because of additional time on creators’ hands. 

Challenges spread rapidly like memes and follow a bunch of rules. Everyone leads at least one post, and it is an excellent method of stirring up your content. 

  • Follow famous video-makers to track down the current moving challenges. 
  • Start your brand challenge.

Instagram reels usage will rise 

Instagram’s reaction to TikTok allows users to make and alter short-format video content of 15-seconds each.

Reels were launched in August 2020 and are presently accessible in over 50 nations.

While TikTok influencers who’ve assembled an after on the stage aren’t probably going to escape because Instagram has a TikTok contender, reels are an incredible choice to gain TikTok-style content, trends, and challenges without moving to another stage and engage their audience again. 

Businesses can use Instagram Reels in their showcasing system severally. 

Make content on things you’re educated about and share that with your audience.

Increase in in-app shopping 

An ever-increasing number of buyers are going to the web for their shopping needs for everything from apparel to food to vehicles.

Since 70% of customers use Instagram to discover new products, it simply bodes well that Instagram makes it simpler and more straightforward for users to shop without leaving the stage.

As the pandemic wrecks plan into 2021, customers are probably going to build their internet shopping platforms.

Shoppable posts appear in your feed with a bit of a shopping pack in the lower-left corner in the Instagram versatile application, and you can tap the products to see more data about them.

Focus on Instagram stories and IGTV 

There are 500 million users on Instagram Stories. As quite possibly the most captivating highlights on Instagram, it’s unlikely that Instagram stories will vanish shortly. 

That is why it’s imperative to keep awake-to-date with what’s new with Stories and how you can keep your brand prominent. That is why we figure Stories and IGTV will be one of the cheap social media marketing services in 2021. 

There are numerous ways to make the most out of Instagram Stories, from channels to stickers and shoppable products. 

In 2021, it’s the ideal opportunity to consider new ideas. Study better approaches to utilize Stories to help your commitment yet also increase your sales.


Making a solid brand presence on Instagram is a significant piece of any effective social media marketing method.

It’s regularly ending up being the stage for influencers, giving devices and even instruction that assists brands with coming to and draw in with devotees.

As Instagram keeps developing, adding valuable features and highlights that make it simpler to keep users on the platform, influencers and brands that have effectively following on the stage will think that it is increasingly more essential to center their efforts. 

These 7 Instagram marketing trends for 2021 are followed by digital marketing agencies for cheap social media marketing services.

You have all that anyone could need to make splendid and compelling Instagram marketing methods that will help you beat your rivals at all times.

Author bio:

kuss john is a content marketing expert with years of experience in different industries like ecommerce, app development, digital marketing, and more. Currently, he is working for https://clayive.com/, a full stack creative agency in the US, and is mainly handling their online reputation management and content marketing campaigns. 

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