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July 19, 2024
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A Guide on how to prevent burglary

What are the most effective techniques on how to prevent burglary? This post will show you precisely what you should be doing to keep your home safe at all times. Nowadays, many of us are present at home. But, ensuring that your home security is up to the mark is still essential.

Any owner’s security is always a primary issue. Our evolving behaviors offer more possibilities for intruders to take advantage of, such as the rise in packages being delivered to residences and apparent improvements made to enhance curb appeal and enhance front and back gardens. Being at home more does not mean your house is safe and secure from robbers. 

These are the top tips for making your home secure in the long term, from enhancing windows and doors to providing a safe location for mail and deliveries to innovative landscaping solutions. You can also read more on how to protect your house from break-ins.

Before leaving home, you close all the windows, lock the door, and set the alarm. However, it doesn’t guarantee that all your belongings will be safe. We make minor mistakes daily that reveal our homes and make them more prone to break-ins. These precautions will reduce the chances of a home invasion.

Tips & Tricks on How to Prevent Burglary

Install an Alarm System

Put in a prominent alarm system for a high level of home security and to prevent burglary. There are many complete alarm systems in the industry. Installing an alarm system will send a strong statement to potential attackers that your home is not a simple target.

Is your alarm system a dependable brand? Thieves can tell which ones aren’t so trustworthy. If you’re planning to invest in a home security system, make sure it offers general safety. Look for systems that have motion sensors. You can operate it easily via an application, and even feature automatic responses from the police. It increases the chances of a burglar being apprehended.

Upgrade the Doors

People are spending extra time in their homes than ever since the pandemic. The potential of burglaries still remains a concern. Old, unstable doors with inadequate locking systems are an easy mark for intruders. Updating access points in your house will help to keep it secure. Replacing your front and back doors, patio, and sliding doors, will enhance the appearance and safety of your house. You can contact a house locksmith for assistance.

Selecting high-quality doors for your home will increase the heat preservation of the structure. As a result, saving your finances on energy bills. Go for front doors with multi-point locking mechanisms that meet security requirements. 

Mail and Delivery Packages

People are flocking to internet shopping for everything now more than ever due to the shutdown of many local stores and enterprises.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, there has been a substantial increase in e-commerce. Most of us shop online often and continue to do so at the same pace or greater after lockdown. As more individuals convert to online shopping, it’s crucial to consider the ramifications of getting an inflow of goods through the mail. The packages are frequently left outside the house if the owner is absent or unable to come to the door.

A safe lockable post box to accept mail and packages is a smart idea to prevent burglars who may be eager to take advantage of the increased number of parcels left outside homes.

The same applies to leaving notes for mail and delivery persons. You can inform them that you’ll be out, and provide directions on where to put your packages. But what if there’s someone else looking around? They’ll quickly notice that no one is home, and before you know it, you’ve been robbed. Plan ahead of time and schedule delivery for when you’ll be in the house to be smart.

Exterior Lighting

Backyard security lighting surrounding your home with a sensor activated by motion is helpful for extra safety, especially during the winter season. It will typically prevent burglary by stopping anyone from trying to get into your home or garage.

Smart doorbells are also popular as you can control them remotely and even open the gate using them. They record activities and notify you when somebody is at the entrance. You can exchange the information obtained by them among neighbors and with the police department in particular neighborhoods. Lastly, they’re an excellent barrier for burglars.

Upgrade the Windows

Putting in upgraded windows is a great purchase that will increase your home’s security while improving its environmental efficiency.

Windows with shatter-resistant laminate glass, internal beading, and excellent security locking mechanisms provide a protective layer to your home’s exterior.

It is critical to verify that the components of all sash window locks and other window security locks are robust and suited for their intended use.

Hide your Valuable Possessions

Burglars will look for any chance to take goods from your house, so keep an eye on where you keep your valuable possessions. Having expensive equipment apparent from the outside may make your house a target, and while robbers may avoid your house because you are likely to be around, they may label your home for a later point once you go back to work.

This also applies to assets in your yard – if you, like many others, enhance your outdoor space with goods such as furniture, a barbeque, a fire pit, or even plants and flower pots throughout the summer, make sure they are stored safely over the winter to prevent theft.

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