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July 19, 2024

Akita Dog Price in India | Factors and Breed Information

Go for an Akita dog If you wish to have a gentle, joyful, powerful, faithful, bouncy puppy whose adorable face can uplift your mood. This extremely well-built breed carries love, devotion, and compassion for its owners or human parents, which makes it a good guardian and a loyal pet. Thus, shining as one of the most celebrated dog breeds all over the world, Akita attracts most pet lovers for its loyalty and look.

Akita, which originated in Japan, is now being adopted in different parts of the world. This powerful and independent breed usually remains aloof with strangers and is thereby known as a hardy breed. However, it is more affectionate and devoted to family members. Have you made up your mind to get an Akita for yourself? Read on to know the Akita dog breed price in India and more.

Is Akita Inu the same as American Akita?

However, both Akita and American Akita are considered the same breed with varied features across the world except the United States of America. Akita Inu (Inu means dog in Japanese) is slightly different from American Akita in various aspects. The American Akita comes in almost all the dog colors and is short double-coat, quite similar to northern breeds like Siberian Husky. Whereas, the Akita Inu, also known as Japanese Akita, is found in a thin texture of colors.

However, both Akita Inu and American Akita are compatible with each other and renowned worldwide. Moreover, the true story of Hachiko (a loyal Akita in Japan, who waited for his master for nine years after World War II) has popularized this breed further. Check the American Akita dog price in India and buy one to enjoy the companionship of this adorable dog.

What are the Akita Prices in India?

The demand for Akita dogs in India is not as entertaining as in northern countries. From availability to maintenance, various factors affect the demand for Akita in Indian regions. For instance, it is hazardous for Akita to survive in high temperatures as well as tolerate heat, thus making it difficult for people, who live in hot weather-conditioned areas, to keep Akita. Additionally, high prices and their inconvenient availability in the country are some other reasons why its demand is subpar in India because most people prefer easily available breeds.

Akita dog price in India varies considering various elements. Here is the price chart of Akita breed prices in India.

  • Basic: ₹40,000 to ₹55,000
  • KCI registered: ₹55,000 to ₹75,000
  • Show Quality: ₹75,000 to ₹1,20,000

Know what is Basic, KCI registered, and Show Quality while buying Akita

·       Basic: Those puppies are not registered at any Kennel Club (not even at KCI), come under this category and price around Rs. 40,000.

·       KCI Registered: KCI (Kennel Club of India) registration certificate is provided with the dogs coming under this category. These are known as canines and are of high quality, making you get them into different KCI dog shows and participate.

·       Show Quality: These are the standard of the breed. However, if you do not plan to participate in any KCI, you can go for any Akita without worrying about this categorization.

What are the factors that affect Akita Price in India?

Along with the above-mentioned categorization and availability of Akita in India, here are some other reasons directly impacting the price of this breed in the country.

·       Gender: Generally, male Akitas are higher in price than female canines.

·       Age: Grown-up or old pooches are sold at less prices as compared to young dogs or puppies.

·       Physical Attributes: Japanese Akita and American Akita, for the differences in types, are sold at different prices.

·       Characteristics and color: Akita are available in different colors, such as white, brown, fawn, red fawn, and black. Colors play a major role in affecting the Akita dog price in India.

·       Breed: Pure breed Akita dogs catch lesser diseases as compared to mixed breeds. Therefore, pure breed dogs are comparatively high in price.

·       Availability: Akita dogs are not easily available in India, making them becoming pricey dogs in India.

·       Reputation. If you are buying from a reputed breeder, the price would likely be high. Besides, the cost of the Akita puppy, you are planning to buy, would be more than usual if it somehow belongs to the champion bloodline. Explore breeders for Akita Puppy for sale!

What makes Akita suitable for you?

Akita may or may not be suitable for you. But before you approach a breeder to buy one remarkable pet for you, here are the things you need to know about Akita temperaments.

·       Akita is famous for its friendly nature with family members, especially with kids.

·       They have a remarkable watchdog ability, hence can prove to be a good guard.

·       Affectionate, highly devoted, playful, loyal, joyous, and energetic.

·       Fine at adapting to different settings.

What makes Akita ill-suited for you?

·       It becomes a bit difficult for Akita to sustain in high temperatures and tolerate heat.

·       Akita requires extensive exercise regularly.

·       It might be a threat to strangers.

·       It needs proper maintenance.

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