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June 16, 2024

An Outlook on Soy Candles

soy candle

Candles are excellent mood-setters. They help to create an ambience through just scent. They give everyone in the room a calming presence and also have various health benefits. While being therapeutic, candles also help to improve the sleep schedule by altering the brain waves. Australians enjoy using candles in their homes.

During the advent of the pandemic, there has been a drastic drop in the retail and speciality industry in Australia. 2019 was a wonderful year(329.6 billion $AUD) for the industry. However, the first and second quarters of 2020 observed a major loss. People have started purchasing these candles in Australia because of the relaxations in the lockdown and the alleviation of the stay-at-home protocols.

Soy candles in Australia are in high demand because of these benefits. They are “green” alternatives to the regular candle and have a plethora of advantages. Here are some of the most prominently observed advantages of using soy candles.

Advantages of Soy Candles

i) Environment-friendly – As mentioned earlier, soy candles are made using environment-friendly and renewable resources. They are excellent alternatives to wax made out of paraffin made using petroleum. These are non-toxic and do not pose any side effects to the user of the candle. Derived from 100% non-toxic soybeans, they are a hundred per cent natural source.

ii) Durable – Soy candles burn much slower compared to paraffin candles. This fact implies that these candles are long-lasting and sustainable. They can last for higher periods and are excellent setters of mood.

iii) Clean – A disadvantage that many connoisseurs of candles believe is that paraffin candles often leave an unhygienic residue. These are difficult to clean and hard to maintain. Soy candles, on the other hand, do not produce any form of residue and burn cleaner.

Health Benefits

One can observe multiple benefits by opting for soy candles over paraffin wax. However, there are also a plethora of health benefits to choosing these candles. Here are some of the most prominent effects that users of these candles face.

i) Sleep Schedule – Candles help the user fix their sleep cycle. Research studies prove that scent has a massive impact on sleep cycles. These candles are excellent in helping the user get a good night’s sleep.

ii) Peace of Mind – Soy candles have herbal aromas that give the user a calming effect. They help to fix psychological and physiological disorders. They also assist in various mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

iii) Brain Performance – Soy candles help in improving the retention power of the user. They can stimulate the brain cells and improve various facets like emotional maturity, brain capacity, and concentration skills.

iv) Regularity – Many people believe that candles are a way to achieve consistency. Soy candles help the user get a consistent routine. These candles help the user to perform healthier activities like meditation. They also motivate the user to incorporate other healthy activities like Yoga and Exercise.

As observed, Candles are excellent mood setters. They help the user set an ambience that is enjoyable and soothing for all participants in the room. The various fragrances provided by these candles have different effects on the mental health of an individual. While some might help retain memory, others are aromatherapeutic and impact depressed and anxious individuals positively. Soy candles are natural alternatives to paraffin wax, and soy candles in Australia are highly appreciated. The community users of these candles prefer these over paraffin wax candles due to the benefits mentioned above. In conclusion, soy candles offer a plethora of benefits for psychological and physiological factors. They are excellent alternatives, and there is a high demand for these products due to people going “green” across the world.

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