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July 19, 2024

Anupam Mittal Net Worth, Biography, Early & Marital Life

Anupam Mittal Net Worth

Currently, Shark Tank is the most-watched show on the Internet and Television. This one of a kind of show has returned with the second season featuring some of the biggest sharks. Of the many Sharks, Anupam Mittal is one of the well-known personalities who has been in the news. 

Unlike the conventional daily soap, this television show is all about business. Shark Tank provides a platform for all budding entrepreneurs who have some unique ideas but require funding to take their businesses to the national and international levels. The second season of Shark tank will be released on the SonyLiv OTT platform. 

Anupam Mittal is one of the famous sharks who is constantly being in the news. He is polite yet very straight in his judgment. But do you know who he is? What is his business related to, and Anupam Mittal net worth? If you want to know more about him, then keep reading.

Biography of Anupam Mittal: 

Anupam Mittal, as mentioned, one of the 6 sharks in Shark Tank Season 2, is a business executive and entrepreneur. He was born on 23rd December 1971. His mother and father are Bhagwati Mittal and Gopal Mittal. He is from Mumbai, Maharashtra and belongs to a Marwadi family. Being in India, you definitely know about He is the founder of this renowned matrimonial site. 

Apart from this, it is also associated with Mauj Mobile and He came up with this online matrimonial website when internet use was not predominant in India. However, this famous matchmaking website soon became one of the most commonly chosen platforms for all eligible bachelors across the nation. 

He himself worked very hard and always is a firm believer in hard work and perseverance. Hardly anyone knows Anupam, but definitely his brand is well-known. However, he soon became a well-known figure after he became a part of Shark Tank. The other Sharks accompanying him in Shark Tank are Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar, Ghazal Alagh, and Peeyush Bansal. 

He is also one of those personalities who was mentioned in the list of 50 Most Powerful People of India by BusinessWeek. He was also awarded “Outstanding Serial Entrepreneur” and “Angel Investor.” He is among the very few personalities who got famous in such a short time. 

Early Life of Anupam Mittal: 

Anupam always had a business mentality. Being born and brought up in a business family, he had that zeal in him. He completed his schooling in Maharashtra and then was admitted to a college in Maharashtra. From a very young age, he used to visit his dad’s factory for two hours a day. However, he then decided to visit the US. 

From 1994 to 1997, he was admitted to Business/commerce at Boston College. He chose his major in Operations and Strategic Management. Once he successfully graduated from Boston College, he immediately started working for a software company in Washington, DC. He was given the role of the product manager in the company.

Marital Life: 

Anupam Mittal is not only a successful businessman but also a father and a loving husband. In 2005, he tied the knot to Anchal Kumar, who was his girlfriend for a long time in the infamous Jaipur Palace. Now the couple is a mom and dad to a loving little daughter named Alyssa Mittal. 

Career Graph of Anupam Mittal: 

After working for 4 long years in the company, he decided to do something on his own. He completely shifted his attention to The company was initially started by him with 10- 15 employees, and it was initially known as However, as the name did not seem marketable, they changed it to 

After started becoming popular, he also founded People Group in the year 2001. It was the parent company of the existing Later, he established other brands like Mauj Mobile and 

Anupam Mittal Net Worth:

As he was already listed in the leading men’s magazine in February 2022, it is evident that this man has certainly achieved huge by himself. His net worth was Rs 15,000 crores. Besides owning startups, he is also a very active investor and has actively participated as a business investor for many budding entrepreneurs. 

In Shark Tank 1, he has already revealed that he has already made investments in more than 200 startups. Most of his investments are made in tech companies. His most successful investments include Rapido, Ola Cabs, BigBasket, Ketto, Little EyeLabs, SimSim, and others.

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