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April 14, 2024

Beagle Puppy Price in India

Are you planning to buy a beagle puppy? Do you want to know some details about them? You have landed on the right page.

Beagles are one of the best hound dogs available to take their place in the hearts for centuries. With their amazing way to let you know what they want, they are able to become one of the most common breeds among lovers. These are family dogs that can adjust very easily with other pets and kids. They tend to become the best partner for your kids because of their friendly and easy-going nature. However, they have the excellence in hunting hares and rabbits therefore, make sure you don’t have these around. So, if you are here and want to know in detail, you must keep reading to know in-depth about this breed. 

SizeMedium You will find two different varieties of beagles.  Shorter than 13 inches = under 20 pounds 13 to 15 inches = 30 to 30 pounds
CharacteristicsThey are healthy, study dogs, and consist of long ears, which makes them different from other breeds. 
Temperament They have intriguing personalities. They get energetic when you play with them. They are a great family dog. 
Grooming NeedsThey have a dense coat, and they shed in spring. Thus, you must keep weekly brushing on your list as this will help to get rid of loose hair and maintain a healthy coat. Minimal bathing is required to maintain the coats.  
Health NeedsBeagles are mostly active. Even when you will not find them showing health symptoms but they are prone to hypothyroidism, eye disorders, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and luxating patella. 
Energy levelAll you need is to leave them on your lawn and watch their energy. They are highly energetic and known for having the capability of tunneling their way out. So do not move your eyes from them. 
Life Span10 – 15 years

About Beagle Dog:

A beagle puppy is a vocal pet and will use the voices on a regular basis. Beagles initially originated from England in the early 1300s. They generally were known for trailing the rabbits, which made a great tracker companion and hunter. With more than 220 million receptors that they have in their body, they could easily sense the scent. They have the exceptional ability to take the information and understand things that we can imagine. 

The word beagle was given to this breed for elaborating their hunting nature. The debate still remains if the name were given from the Celtic work that means small or French that means loud and open mouth. Earlier, beagles had a different appearance depending on the ground that they were expected for hunting. Even the beagle puppy that you find today are not very different from the ones that you found 200 years ago. This family breed can be a great choice to include. 

Everything you need to know about Beagles:

How do the Beagles look?

Beagles are one of the easiest ones to recognize because of their big floppy ears and brown eyes. They are mostly found in small to mid-size and which makes them one of the easiest going breeds in the market. You can generally find two different kinds of beagles, which we have already mentioned above.

Even though they are small compared to other breeds, they are power-pack dogs. However, irrespective of their larger or smaller sizes, a beagle dog has a smooth and short double coat. They are available in a range of colours but are most commonly observed in tricolours of white or blue, black, and tan.

They shed throughout the year, and the heavy shedding season is the springtime. This, not only would you need to do heavy brushing but also you should them cutting them to prevent shedding. These are very low-maintenance pups that would hardly need you to pay anything for their maintenance.

What are the living needs of Beagles?

They have good sensing features which makes them one of the most notorious breeds that are always in search of something. You will mostly find their head down and their nose as well looking for something. This is the reason why beagles must be given a home where there is proper security and reinforcement. Since they have a highly sensitive nose, you have to keep an eye on them when you are taking them for a walk.

Even when they are smart, they are slow in training, and therefore it might take you a year to train them. You need to have patience and be positive when you have a beagle in your house. An adult beagle is found happiest when they have their owners around playing with them. If you leave them for a long time, you will find them developing undesirable behaviours.

How much care do Beagle need?

Like most dogs, beagle dogs also have the potential to develop genetic health disorders. You should not choose a breeder who does not guarantee the health of the puppies or say that they are 100% healthy. Since this specific breed is prone to some health issues like hip dysplasia which is genetic malfunctioning, and other heart issues, you must be very careful about them. 

Beagles can experience tears in the ligament, which needs surgical repair. Hypothyroidism, Seizure disorders, Cataracts, diabetes, and allergies are some of the other common problems that you might find in them. Since these are not detectable, it is always recommended to choose the best breeder offering a health certificate. 

Is grooming necessary?

Yes, it is. Although they are an easy-care breed, you need to make sure that you are doing the least to make sure they do not lose or shed too much. Make sure you are combing them twice a week to eliminate the chances of shedding. You can choose to cut or trim off to ensure less shedding.

Make sure you are keeping their ears clean. You must not use the cotton swabs but also never take your finger deeper into their ears. Trimming their nails is a necessity every two weeks. In case you don’t do it, you might be able to hear the sound of their nails while walking on the floor.

Beagle Puppy Price in India

In India, the Beagle puppy price ranges from 15,000 to 60,000 rupees. Beagle dog’s price varies from city to city and depends upon breeders and availability.

CityPrice in Indian Rupees
IndiaINR 15000 – INR 30000
KeralaINR  15000 – INR 30000
DelhiINR  21000 – INR 30000
BangaloreINR  23000 – INR 30000
KolkataINR  15000 – INR 28000
ChennaiINR  15000 – INR 30000
HyderabadINR  16000 – INR 30000
PuneINR  15000 – INR 55000
MumbaiINR  15000 – INR 60000
JaipurINR  15000 – INR 18000
GuwahatiINR  15000 – INR 18000
CoimbatoreINR  15000 – INR 25000
AhmedabadINR  15000 – INR 18000
ChandigarhINR  15000 – INR 24000
IndoreINR  15000 – INR 30000
LucknowINR  15000 – INR 40000
DehradunINR  20000 – INR 25000
KochiINR  15000 – INR 40000
NagpurINR  15000 – INR 18000
VizagINR  15000 – INR 40000
GurgaonINR  15000 – INR 40000
OdishaINR  20000 – INR 25000
TrivandrumINR  15000 – INR 30000
VadodaraINR  16000 – INR 30000
ShillongINR  20000 – INR 25000
BareillyINR  15000 – INR 30000
FaridabadINR  20000 – INR 25000
ThaneINR  15000 – INR 30000
NashikINR  30000 – INR 60000
VijayawadaINR  15000 – INR 18000
JabalpurINR  20000 – INR 25000
AgraINR  16000 – INR 30000
AmritsarINR  30000 – INR 60000
AssamINR  15000 – INR 18000
BhubaneswarINR  15000 – INR 30000
GujaratINR  15000 – INR 18000
JalandharINR  30000 – INR 60000
JammuINR  20000 – INR 25000
RanchiINR  15000 – INR 30000

Fun facts about Beagles:

  • Beagles are hard to train even when they are very smart
  • Beagles get bored very easily, especially when you leave them alone for long
  • Beagles are the scent hounds that make them catch when they find a smell
  • Beagles can be stubborn and obedient at times when they want something
  • Beagles are not great guard dogs
  • Beagles tails look like a white flag 

So now that you have found the details about a beagle dog make sure you are choosing a good breeder to buy at the best beagle price in India. 

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