July 25, 2024
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Beer Shampoo: the Price, Benefits and Everything You Need to Know

Beer Shampoo

Beer is an alcoholic drink or beverage which is made by fermenting grains; primarily, Barley is used in the preparation of Beer. After the fermentation process is complete in several days, the grains are boiled in water and yeast to give them the required color, flavor, and texture.

Beer is enjoyed worldwide by several people as it is a light alcoholic drink that does not make a person tipsy quickly but gives a relaxing effect to the mind and body.

Besides being an enjoyable drink, Beer also has several benefits for various purposes. Doctors recommend it to patients who have kidney stones, and drinking Beer can help get rid of the kidney stones through urination.

Beer for Hair? Seriously!!

Beer is rich in nutrients and protein, it is also used as a hair conditioner by many people after washing the hair with Shampoo, and hair is rinsed with Beer to make hair healthy and frizz-free.

However, the alcohol in Beer can make or leave the hair dry after the wash. That is why several companies have now started producing beer shampoos that have Beer’s benefits. Still, they do not contain alcohol, making beer shampoo a better choice for washing the hair instead of raw Beer.

Beer provides shine to the hair. It provides hydration and nourishment to the roots and strands of your tresses.

The Beer Shampoo Benefits we all love

There are various ingredients in beer shampoo that support the promotion of healthy, lustrous, beautiful-looking, voluminous hair.

Vitamins and Nutrients available in Beer Shampoo

Vitamin B: It is available in biotin (a variant of vitamin B) in beer shampoos. It prevents hair damage as lack of biotin is a cause of hair loss. Biotin also helps in proper blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles which is otherwise difficult as the hair pores are very fine compared to skin pores.

Vitamin B6:  This nutrient is rich in antioxidants that help in cleaning the hair thoroughly.

Vitamin C: This vitamin helps get hair rid of dandruff, it helps in the promotion of hair growth, and it is also widely known to give thicker hair.

Vitamin E: This beauty nutrient which is excellent for skin, hair, and nails, is also present in Beer shampoos. Vitamin E balances the production of oil in the hair. It also provides shine to the hair leaving your hair looking gorgeous.

Maltose and Sucrose are natural sugars found in Beer that strengthen the hair and close the hair follicles to prevent hair fall.

Barley: It is known to produce melanin, which is a natural pigment known to give skin, hair, and eye color. Barley produces melanin and protects the color of hair.

Available Beer Shampoos in the Market

1. Beer Shampoo by Park Avenue- This Shampoo comes in a container made of plastic that looks like a real Beer. It can be easily carried along while traveling as it is leakage-proof. It will make your hair soft, sleek, smooth, and frizz-free. It does not create foam which proves that it does not include chemicals harmful to the hair. This Shampoo will give you healthy hair in the long run, and you do not need to follow it up with a conditioner. 

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

The Beer Shampoo price is Rs 155 for 180 ml. One can get a discount if buying online. Both men and women can use it. It is best for people prone to dandruff.

ProductPriceBuy Now
Park Avenue Beer shampoo for Damage Free hair, with Hops, Barley, Proteins and Vit. B, 650ml₹325.00https://amzn.to/3wGjYXA
Park Avenue ANTI DANDRUFF Beer shampoo 180ml – For Men₹124.00https://amzn.to/3IU7COd
Park Avenue Beer shampoo for Shiny And Bouncy hair, with Hops, Barley, Proteins and Vit. B, Paraben Free, Natural Shine, Smooth hair 180ml₹115.00https://amzn.to/3JNqI9N
Park Avenue Beer shampoo for Damage Free hair, with Hops, Barley, Proteins and Vit. B, Paraben Free, Natural Shine, Strong hair 350ml₹204.00https://amzn.to/3izco90
Park Avenue Anti-Dandruff Beer Shampoo, 350ml₹208.00https://amzn.to/3tI2nwk

2. GUHL Intensive Strengthening Beer Shampoo: This Shampoo is suitable for people with thin and fine hair. It is formulated for people with weak and brittle hair. It helps strengthen and nourish the weak hair follicles with the help of the fortified German beer extracts. This formulation has malt that makes the hair full of volume, and yeast helps prevent hair breakage and hair damage. It has a pleasant fragrance and is best suited for thin hair.

GUHL Beer Shampoo

250 milliliters of this Shampoo is available for rupees 1525 on amazon.com

3. Logona Volume Shampoo with Beer and Honey: This is another mild and cruelty-free shampoo available in the market. Logona beer shampoo is one of the best beer shampoos that gives hair strength, health, volume, and luster. This Shampoo is profuse with organic extracts and organic honey that boosts hair volume and strengthens hair cuticles. If you use this Shampoo, you will have itching free scalp with long-lasting moisture-laden hair.

Logona Beer Shampoo


Regular Shampoos contain several artificial chemicals like Paraben, Sulphate, SLS, etc. These give hair only a short time benefit but damage it in the long run. In contrast, beer shampoos are infused with multiple nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, organic grass, natural sugars, etc. This gives the hair the long-lasting health that everyone wants.

Beer is good for hair and these are the beer shampoo benefits particularly for hair:

  • Beer provides strength to the hair.
  • Beer provides volume to the hair.
  • Beer is good for getting rid of dandruff from hair.
  • Beer provides sheen to the hair.
  • Beer provides volume to the hair.

The benefits that a beer shampoo can provide are difficult for a regular shampoo to give alone. I would suggest you switch your Shampoo today if you have not already done that.

On a Final Note

Hair is an asset for everyone. Like other body parts, the hair also requires nutrition and protein to thrive, the body is our temple, and it should be our duty to provide each part with the nutrients needed by them. All of us dream and desires healthy and strong hair, but there is a price that must be paid for the best things in the world. Invest in your beautiful tresses today so that you have them on your head to admire tomorrow. Beer shampoo is a great product to include in your hair routine to get the hair of your dreams.