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April 23, 2024
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Best Boarding Schools In India: Top 10 List for 2021

Trying to decide which residential school is the right option for your child? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a research-based list of the Best Boarding Schools in India for 2021!

Our research has considered the educational curriculum, school fees, facilities available, and process of admission, among other factors, for each school. This list will give you an overview of each institute, making your decision process easier.

1.   Doon School, Dehradun (Boys’ School)

The Doon School was named by the BBC as ‘India’s Eton’. Doon School appears in several top school lists, including top 10 IB boarding schools in India!

Boards of Education:IB, ICSE, IGCSE

School Fees: 10,25,000 per year (basic)

Point of Admission: 11+, 12+ years

Admission Process: entrance exam and interview

Scholarships Available: YES

Co-curricular activities: highly developed co-curricular structure with avenues for physical, mental, and emotional development

Room and Board Facilities: 5 main boarding houses with meals , snacks and tuckshops based on a comprehensive and balanced menu

2. Royal Rajasthan Public School, Sirohi (Boys’ Boarding)

RRPS, Sirohi, is one of the best CBSE residential schools for boys in India. It is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in the education sector in India.

Boards of Education: CBSE

School Fees: 2,20,000 – 4,85,000 per year (Basic)

Point of Admission: 5+ years

Admission Process: Admission form filling

Scholarships Available: No

Co-curricular:  indoor/outdoor games, sporting facilities, activities that engage artistic, cultural, and creative faculties

Room and Board Facilities: hostel, common rooms, dormitories and main, mess facilities with well-balanced, nutritional meals

3. Welham Girls School, Dehradun (Girl’s School)

The Welham Girls School, and its boys’ school counterpart, live by this motto: “The aim of education is to bring peace.”

Boards of Education: ISCE, ISC

School Fees: 6,75,000 per year (Basic)

Point of Entry: 101/2 – 12 years, 11 ½ to 13 years, 15 ½ to 17 years – class 6, 7, 11

Admission Process: Assessment test, medical test

Scholarships Available: YES

Co-curricular: sporting facilities, art and culture activities, environmental activities, community service, student-exchange, out                                              bound activities, etc.

Room and Board Facilities: dormitory accommodation with mess-system for meals, providing well-balanced veg and non-veg meals carefully curated for optimum nutrition

4. Rishi Valley School, Chittoor (Co-ed)

Situated in an officially declared bird sanctuary and Special Development Zone, this school will be a literal haven for its students!

Boards of Education: ICSE, ISC

School Fees: 5,90,000 – 6,50,000  per year (basic)

Point of Entry: 8+, 10+, 11+: classes 4, 6, 7

Admission Process: Admission test and interview

Scholarships Available: YES, limited

Co-curricular: outdoor/indoor sports with coaching programs, Nature-related activities, art and culture-related activities

Room and Board Facilities: 20 hostels: simple, but well-maintained facilities

5. Woodstock School, Mussoorie (Co-ed)

Come to Woodstock School – Asia’s oldest International Boarding School, and one of the best IB boarding schools in the country!

Boards of Education:  IB

School Fees:  15,90,000 – 17,65,000  per year (basic)

Point of Entry: 11 years

Admission Process: application form, documentation

Scholarships Available:  YES

Co Curriculars:outdoor learning, sports, community engagement, etc.

Room and Board Facilities: complete residential school facilities provided

6. Ecole Globale, Dehradun (Girls’ School)

This is one of the premier girls’ boarding schools in the country, and among the top in Asia!

Boards of Education: CBSE, CIE

School Fees: 9,00,000 per year (Basic)

Point of Entry: grade 4

Admission Process: assessment and interview

Scholarships Available: NO

Co Curriculars: exchange programs, sporting activities, literary activities, art and culture, trips and expeditions, community service

Room and Board Facilities: well-lit, aesthetically appointed living facilities with nutritionally balanced, carefully curated meals

7. Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hissar (Girls)

This is among the best CBSE residential schools for girls in the country!

Boards of Education:  CBSE

School Fees: 3,05,000 – 3,95,000  per year (basic)

Point of Entry: Class 4 – 9, 11

Admission Process: Aptitude Assessment for Admission

Scholarships Available: YES

Co Curriculars: clubs, hobbies, British Council, Community Service, excursions, sports, etc.

Room and Board Facilities: 4 boarding houses with 175 capacity, dining hall with nutritious, multi-cuisine meals and snacks

8.  Oak Grove School, Dehradun

Oak Grove School is one of the top government co-education CBSE boarding schools in India with less fees.

Boards of Education:  CBSE

School Fees: 70,000 – 2,00,000  per year (basic)

Point of Entry: 7 years

Admission Process: admission test

Scholarships Available: NO

Co Curriculars: games and sports, educational tours, co-curricular activities

Room and Board Facilities: room and board facilities with library, gym, etc.

9. Good Shepherd International School, Ooty (Co-ed)

Good Shepherd International School is one of the best international boarding schools in India!

Boards of Education: IGCSE, IB, ISC

School Fees: 7,00,00 – 16,50,000  per year (basic)

Point of Entry: class 3 – 8

Admission Process: aptitude test and interview

Scholarships Available:YES

Co Curriculars: sporting activities, including adventure sports, art and culture activities, Sea Cadet Corps, NASA Space Camp, etc.

Room and Board Facilities: 26 hostels with in-house kitchens, farm

10. The Scindia School, Gwalior (Boys)

The Scindia School, Gwalior, has been named as one of the best boarding school in India for boys in 11th and 12th, while its counterpart, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, provides a similar platform for girls in the same age-group. This is definitely a school worth checking out!

Boards of Education: CBSE

School Fees: 7,50,000 – 9,37,000  per year (basic)

Point of Entry: 11 – 13 years (class 6-8), class 9, 11 (depending on merit and availability)

Admission Process: Common Aptitude Analysis, followed by Scindia School Aptitude Analysis

Scholarships Available: YES

Co Curriculars: society and club activities, sports, astachal, community service, etc.

Room and Board Facilities: technology enabled eco-system that provides all the needs of the student on the campus

We hope this list has given you a good point of reference as you go through the process of choosing the right boarding school for your child!

What do you think? Let us know if you have another school to add to this list!