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May 27, 2024

Bficoin, a Cryptocurrency: What Is It, Why Should I Buy It, And How Can I Get It?

Bficoin, a Cryptocurrency


It is a Decentralized Financial Coin built on 3rd Generation Blockchain technology and supported by a large utility-based ecosystem. BFIC has a single goal: to create a Crypto-based “Digital Economy” that no other Cryptocurrency can match.

Integrating all the positive aspects of Bitcoin, Ethereum and TRON this new coin is becoming the third-generation blockchain technology. Although this coin is new, it is still making rocket progress in the market.  

Reasons to buy BFIC

Bitcoin and a few other big coins have dominated the market for the past several years. But even these coins have some lacks in their technology. Bficoin fulfills all the deficiencies of other leading coins and jumps into the market with even better blockchain technology.

Here are some reasons why you must buy Bficoin

  • Stake-Mining on smartphone
  • Ever growing eco-system
  • 1 coin = 6-coin types

Stake-Mining on smartphone

Developers are extending research and development on ways to mine or earn Cryptocurrencies more efficiently as digital and Cryptocurrencies grow stronger in the financial world.

For Bficoins, the BFIC team has designed a novel mining mechanism called “Stake-Mining.” The notion is new to the industry, but it has already been launched. Stake-mining Bficoins is a super energy-efficient process. It has no negative impact on energy resources and is extremely cost-effective.

Bficoins can easily be stake-mined on an average smartphone. While Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies miners need expensive mining rigs worth thousands of dollars, Bficoin stake-miners only need their smartphones and their will to make real money.

Not only this, BFIC’s stake-mining comes with multiple value-added features. You can establish your own networks and teams with the BFIC Network app. Each member of your team stakes their own account, but you get a share of the profits.

Ever-expanding ecosystem

To determine the robustness of Bfic ecosystem, we must first determine the projects that are involved and the roadmap for the ecosystem’s development. At the time of its launch, BFIC had a predetermined ecosystem. It started with roughly 13 projects, but that number has since grown. Projects that have already been launched are currently housed in the ecosystem:

  • XchangeOn:

Innovation Factory introduced a dynamic Crypto platform. It has been designed to upscale the Crypto trading experience and facilitates Crypto traders with revolutionary features and incentives. This platform is a centralized Crypto exchange platform for robust and secure Crypto trading.

  • BFIC network:

This network is an evolutionary platform developed by Innovation Factory. It enables real-time Crypto mining through staking. The network functions as a system in which a large number of users work together to earn legitimate Crypto money in a mutually beneficial manner.

  • 1st investment:

A platform that allows user to create their own investment plans.

BFIC’s ecosystem has a number of upcoming projects, some of which are now in development and could be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

Overall, the Bficoin’s ecosystem is quite intriguing. It is reasonable to say that Bficoin and its ecosystem will undoubtedly be a huge success and will set new norms for other Cryptocurrency ventures.

1 coin = 6-coin types

There is only one Cryptocurrency that is powerful enough to fall under all the categories of a coin, and that is BFIC. This coin does not only fulfill its duties as a currency but also supports all of the above blockchain applications. 

Crypto is ruling on the financial industry without any doubt. Other than Cryptocurrencies, blockchain has 5 more main applications:

  • Web 3.0:

BFIC with an ecosystem of components that make up the BFIC platform which can be divided into 3 main layers. Each layer serves as a support for the layer above it. This makes BFIC a suitable nominee for Web 3.0.

  • NFT
  • Metaverse

How to get Bficoin

You can buy BFIC from exchange platforms like XhangeOn or United Exchange. Once you’ve bought this coin, you can then start stake-mining in over your phone.