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July 25, 2024

Bulldog Price in India | Overview, Appearance, Grooming

Bulldog Price in Pune

Bulldogs are a medium-sized breed of dog that weigh a lot for their size. It is not active, so the owner must make an effort to get him or her to exercise in order to prevent obesity.

Because of its capacity to keep bulls in bull baiting, this breed earned its name. It also goes by the names British Bulldog and English Bulldog.

Bulldog Price in India

In India, the price of a bulldog puppy ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 rupees. Most Bulldogs fall into this price range, however it can change depending on a lot of different things, including where you buy it, the quality of the show, your neighbourhood, etc. An adult Bulldog typically costs less than a puppy, and trained Bulldogs typically cost more than untrained ones.

Bulldog Price in India across the cities and states

PunjabRs. 30,000
KolkataRs. 25,000
BangaloreRs. 26,000
DelhiRs. 40,000
KeralaRs. 50,000
ChennaiRs. 20,000
HyderabadRs. 35,000
MumbaiRs. 27,000
PuneRs. 40,000

What aspects affect the bulldog’s pricing in India?

The following are the variables that affect bulldog prices in India:

  • There are reputable breeders, top breeders, and pet stores. When compared to a good breeder and pet store, a bulldog puppy from a top breeder will cost more. The breeder’s reputation will be a key factor in setting the price.
  • A top breeder places the dog’s health at the top of their priority list. Due to the fact that their dogs come from the best bloodlines, top breeders also charge higher prices for their canine products.
  • When considering purchasing a pup, the dog’s quality is crucial. The pup’s quality has a big impact on how much it costs. The pup needs to be quite near to breed standards. The cost increases as they become more in line with the norms.
  • The bulldog was acknowledged by the Kennel Club of India, which also verified the pedigree. Unit Kennel Club breed standards are observed by them.
  • Additionally, a show winner will have a higher price than the rest. So, bear that in mind while you purchase one.
  • A female bulldog is less expensive than a male bulldog in India. Choose whichever gender best fits your family, regardless of the gender. The truth is that there are no observable distinctions between bulldogs that are male and female.
  • In India, bulldogs are a rare breed. There are a few sources from which you can obtain one, however we strongly advise that you stay away from pet stores and puppy farms. This is because they typically don’t care about the dogs’ health and instead trade them for money.
  • Reputable breeders are the greatest sources to think about when buying a bulldog. This is due to the fact that they take care of the dog, lowering the likelihood of health problems and ensuring purity, pedigree, and quality.
  • A wonderful choice to take into account is purchasing a bulldog from a reliable home breeder. The dogs are well-cared for, have good social, mental, and physical characteristics, and the owner can help you.
  • The breed of bulldog you select will also affect the cost. In India, there are two different breeds of bulldogs, French and English.
  • This dog breed’s price is influenced by demand as well. They anticipate pricing to be higher than other regions because they are in high demand in big cities.

Overview and History

One of Britain’s most ancient native breeds is the bulldog. In the past, they were employed for both holding and baiting bulls. In dog fights, this breed also took part.

This is what caused them to evolve into a robust breed with big heads and strong jaws. The popularity of Bulldogs declined once all dog fights, bull-holding, and bull-baiting were outlawed in 1835 by the Animal Cruelty Act.

Bulldogs in the past had greater athletic ability than bulldogs today. Bulldog is currently a popular mascot and companion animal.


The UK Kennel Club accepts a variety of colours and colour combinations for bulldogs.

  • White & red
  • White & fawn
  • White & bindle
  • White
  • Red fawn
  • Red brindle & white
  • Red brindle
  • Red
  • Fawn brindle & white
  • Fawn brindle
  • Fawn & white
  • Fawn
  • Brindle & white
  • Brindle. 

The Kennel Club does not recognise some colours, such as merle, which signal health issues. The coat of the bulldog is short, dense, and smooth. The ideal weight for this breed is between 23 and 25 kg, however there is no ideal height.

Bulldog females are slightly smaller than bulldog males. They are little and appear to be powerful. They are well known for having slack skin around their throats and having a sturdy neck.

With flat feet and narrow toes, the front legs are shorter than the back legs. The tail has a low profile and is medium in length. The distance between their eyes is quite large, and they are set fairly low. They are round, average in size, and dark in colour. They have ‘rose’ ears, which are described as curling downward.

Temperament and Personality

This breed is devoted, courageous, compassionate, and strong. Sometimes they can be obstinate. They depend on their owner and are devoted to them. They are great family dogs and are protective of kids because to their patience and friendliness.

Because they are outgoing and sociable, they can become worried and unhappy when left alone and without attention. They are not appropriate as security dogs but can get along well with other pets.


  • Bulldogs may exhibit stubbornness, which makes training them challenging. Since they prefer to be with their owners most of the time, training is simpler at that time.
  • They pick things up quickly and find food to be a great motivator. They can be trained to go in the house and are flexible in various conditions.


Bulldogs have a silky, short coat that sheds moderately, and they don’t require any particular grooming. To prevent shedding about your home, a weekly brushing is sufficient.


Bulldogs are adaptive, sociable, and kind. They are good family dogs because they enjoy spending time with their owners and get along with kids.

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