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April 20, 2024

Busting the common restoration company myths

common restoration

Your home is incredibly important, and so is your place of business. Should either one suffer sudden damage from issues such as flooding, fire, mold or snow and ice, you’ll need to make sure they are restored to good working order.

The restoration process can help. Here’s what you should know about common myths related to these services before you begin the process.

Replacement is Cheaper than Restoration

Home and business owners may think it is cheaper to replace items than to have them restored. One of the best Restoration Contractors Denver, Restoration Logistics, wants to remind their clients this is not always the case. Some objects can be less expensive to replace.

However, other objects are much harder to replicate fully. For example, you might have a lovely fireplace in your home made from brick with lots of elegant details that are hard or very expensive to copy completely. This is where a restoration service can be of great use.

Restoration services will recreate the entire fireplace from top to bottom. These services will make the beautiful fireplace look just as new again, no matter how great the initial damage to the structure.

If It Looks Dry, This Means There’s No Mold Damage

Mold can easily lead to many kinds of potential health problems. As mold grows, it produces substances that can trigger lots of allergies in those who are known to be susceptible. Mold can also trigger dangerous asthma attacks for those with existing asthma as well as cause all sorts of other physical issues.

Many people suffer from eye irritation and problems with a homeowner’s throat and lungs. That’s why mold needs to be removed immediately once it is spotted. Mold can happen to your home or your business at any time. It’s especially common after water damage to interior spaces like flooring and drywall from excess water or snow.

You might run your fingers across such surfaces and notice they feel dry to the touch. That does not mean there is no mold growth present. The materials used in your business and home are typically crafted from items known to be porous. That lets water seep inside when there’s a flood or other water issue. Excess water can easily lead to fast and unwanted mold growth.

Dry Carpets Mean a Dry Home

Your carpets need special care when cleaning up after any kind of disaster no matter how small or large. Carpets keep the noise down and offer a soft surface for your feet. They also add color and light that brings the entire look together. Should something happen to the spaces in your home or business, you’ll often want to tackle your carpets first.

At the same time, just because your carpets are no longer damp when you feel them, this does not mean the rest of the space is fully dry and no longer has any water present. This is one of many tasks that a professional restoration company can accomplish on your behalf.

Experts will examine all of the carpets in the space carefully. They’ll make sure they are dry. They will also make sure that everything else in the space is also dry once the carpets are fully cleaned, and any water remaining is removed.

This is a Do It Yourself Project

If you have a background in certain facets of construction and specific knowledge of long-term damage cleanup, this can be a good way to put your own knowledge and background to use. However, many types of restoration are far better left to professionals.

Experts know how to remove mold and mildew in a way to reduce their risks and your risks of health damage. Experts also understand how to precisely get rid of e.coli and MRSA after a sewage accident.

An expert can directly address underlying structural damage to the entire structure. They understand exactly what kinds of damage to look for and how to remedy all potential after-effects.

For all these reasons and so many more, you’ll want to have skilled professionals at your side in the event something goes wrong with your property. They know how to fix all of these problems and get everything in good working order quickly and easily.