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April 20, 2024
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Can’t decide what to do with the extra space at home or office? Get it “Decked”!

Are you thinking of turning your living space around to something more welcoming? Did you think about revamping your spare land to something wow? Do you have any designs and ideas in your head that you would like to bring to life? Also, are you having a hard time finding the best deck builders in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs? You have landed onto the right page. Welcome to the world of decking. Deckon is remodeling, or creating from scratch, the best decks, par excellence!

Decking in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Deckon is dominating the construction industry for the last 25 years. We build decks, verandahs, pergolas, carports, balconies, and about everything that you want. We use high-quality materials, with a strong foothold, ensuring the lifespan of our pieces, along with warranty and QBE insurance. We have completed hundreds of projects wherein we have never faced a day where a client called back for anything that we may have missed. We provide the “NO-COMPLAINTS” service from start to finish. Deckon is blessed with world-class builders in the family, and deliver 100% satisfaction from our services. Check the list of our exceptional services. 

  • Residential Decking
    Deckon is apt with tools, techniques, and thoughts to deliver the best residential decking service. We build decks, verandahs, balconies, carports, etc. with high-quality wood and give you a life-long piece of trust and maintain eternal relations.

  • Composite Decking
    We build your decks with the precision of fine artwork of composite decking. We lay a strong foundation for your beloved deck to stay with you for a lifetime and give you a chance to have happy communications and lasting memories by building welcoming decks.

  • Timber Decking
    We construct improvised and thoughtful patios for you by using timber wood for a traditional and elegant look. Our woods are of high-qualities and will give you support till the end of time. Deckon builds “picture-perfect” decks for you and yours.

  • Permits
    We are resourceful to get you the permits that you craved for so long. We make the process hassle-free for you by taking charge of every formality and construction in our hands. At the same time, we have a strong team that will not compromise on your deck’s look and convenience.

  • Installation
    Deckon makes the installation of your decks smooth and seamless. We do not trouble you with loud noises, unwanted scratches, your deck’s alignment, and its final finish. At Deckon, we keep it old school and provides reliable services/products.

  • Post Project Services
    We keep immortal relations with our clients and help them with whatever they need, and whenever they need it. We listen to your concerns with all our hearts and ears and keep keen conscious to solve your problems with the minimal time and an apt resolution.

  • COVID CLEAN Services
    We are open during COVID-19 and are providing our services with intense precautions to keep up all our healths. Since COVID is here to stay with us all for a while, we are doing the best we can to make sure you don’t compromise on your wishes.

  • Competitive Prices
    We do not believe in squeezing you out of your hard-earned money. We provide reasonable prices and explain to you the reasons behind the estimate. We give you a clear picture of budgets for you to maintain your finances and make an informed decision.

Here’s a list of what we can build for you. We give you an option to dream and turn it into reality.

Building Carports in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

We build all kinds of carports for the safety of your vehicle and the beauty of your house. Deckon has the finest woods and steel in stock to sculpt for you the reliable carport that will suffice its purpose while maintaining the elegant look of your house.

Balcony & Verandah Building in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

If your balcony or verandah is waiting to become a guest-friendly chill-out place, we make it welcoming for the guests to come. We use your spare space up to its potential and make the best use out of it, using only high-quality materials.

Construction of Pergolas in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

We construct pergolas for you to enjoy the feel of the richness of the weather. We build it in a way for the sun and breeze to hit your spiritual sense positively, without annoying you with the direct hit of sun rays and chills in cold weather.

Get in touch with the best deck builders in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Are you in need of the top deck builders in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs? Here’s how to get in touch with Deckon. Read below our contact details. 
We are located in a convenient place for you to reach us. You may directly come to our office at 1 Essex Crt Bayswater Vic 3153. You also have an option to call and schedule an appointment to discuss what you are thinking about your next decking in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs at 0448785558. We understand you must have a lot of tasks at hand due to work and household chores. We also have an option for you to mail us at We promise to reply you back as soon as possible and exchange our decking plans. Feel free to contact us at any time. You are always welcome. We will be waiting to hear from you.