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April 19, 2024

Collision Repair in Santa Clara – Auto Shield

According to research at news9, results showed that about 77% of the drivers have been into at least 1 car accident. Fortunately, the fewer amount of people die or injure them in an accident, and in most cases, our vehicles bear the wrath of a collision. Your vehicle in a collision may barely get a scratch or tremendously lose its entire body (deeper dents, bitterly broken windshields, etc.). Such an unfortunate incident can take away an important asset forever away from your hands. But, just like medical aid for humans, this world has mechanical aids (collision repair centers) for cars to retain them to their original selves, even after a brutal accident. AutoShield is providing collision repair in Santa Clara. We have I-CAR certified technicians as our workmen and women to serve you with all kinds of auto repair needs for your vehicles. Check a list of their complete services here. 

The process of collision repair can be complicated. The screening of the vehicle should be apt to provide accurate estimated repair costs and convenient deliveries at a promised time. Collision auto body shops use their manpower, products, and tools for the best repairs. AutoShield is highly updated on collision repairing measures and trends and has almost every product, parts, and tools available to take care of your vehicle after an accident. AutoShield offers the best collision repair in Santa Clara

Read below to know what AutoShield has to offer you and your vehicle.

Complete Collision Repairs

AutoShield provides a series of services that ensure complete car care. We have a one-stop-shop for collision repairs including, auto paint and body jobs, auto detailing, mechanical repairs, alignment and suspension adjustments, frame, towing services, car wash services, etc. Drive to AutoShield for any kind of repairs for your cars. 

21-point inspection 

AutoShield offers a complimentary FREE 21 Point Inspection with every repair.

Free Local Towing

AutoShield is known for its best services for automobile collision repair in Santa Clara. We offer free towing services to locals to be there for our customers in times of need. Also, if you need only towing services (and do not wish to avail of any other service), AutoShield is resourceful to arrange that for you. Contact for towing services here. 

Free VIP Car Wash

AutoShield provides engaging and fun collision repairs by offering additional perks to their customers. We offer a free VIP style car wash for every insurance job  and make a spa day out of it. 

Free Pick up and Delivery

AutoShield  offers FREE CONCIERGE PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICES to local customers to avoid any exposure amid the pandemic. 


AutoShield offers a complimentary FREE CLEAN AND SANITIZE for every vehicle to keep customers safe.

Read below for Auto Shield’s collision repair process.

We retain the originality of your vehicle in 6 steps. 


AutoShield provides an accurate estimate to repair your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.


AutoShield makes sure to get your desired parts for your vehicle’s repair and check for their availability. We are resourceful to get our hands-on the common to exclusive auto body parts per your wishes.


AutoShield makes it legally official once both the parties agree for collision repair and its costs. An on-paper procedure is followed to avoid any miscommunications, keeping B2C relations pleasant. 

Insurance claims

AutoShield does not involve you in the annoying process of insurance claims. We make sure that you get what you deserve and do not chip in any extra penny from your hard-earned money.


Once the formalities are in place, AutoShield’s I-CAR certified technicians and mechanics start working to give a spotless and scratchless finish to your vehicle.


AutoShield does not fall behind the promises that were made. We deliver our services on-time with 100% customer satisfaction, ensuring you leave our premises with a happy face. 

AutoShield provides the perfect automobile collision repair in Santa Clara. We have a 5-star rating on yelp which ensures our exemplary customer-experience and 100% satisfaction. Without a doubt, AutoShield is considered to be the best amongst many auto collision shops in Santa Clara for our thoughtful work and satisfactory results.

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