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July 25, 2024

Consider these things before choosing NDIS-approved meal providers


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps people with a disability acquire food from licensed providers. They will deliver the food to the registered individual’s doorstep and ensure it is nutritious. There are numerous perks for individuals with impairments who necessitate in-house assistance.

The service providers will provide various discounts if you are registered for NDIS meals. However, some NDIS participants have cited unhappiness with certain meal delivery services for several reasons.

Several NDIS-approved service providers are offering discounts, but it is essential to find the right name. Before you choose, check the attributes specified below.

Delivery window

A reliable NDIS meal service provider will have a vast delivery window allowing you to pick the suitable time. Whether you want a single dish or a complete meal plan for several days, the reliable service provider will offer the service to suffice your needs.

Dietary requirements

You will also choose healthy and delicious meals as the meal delivery services offer many options. Check whether you can personalise the meals to meet your health objectives.

If you can talk with the people in charge of meal preparations, it will be easier to elucidate the nutritional requirements. Choose a meal delivery service that provides food to meet your daily dietary needs. Moreover, you can choose fresh meals or frozen foods per your requirements. The choice of meal sizing is also left to the individuals.

When choosing the meal delivery service, keep these things in mind. People do have several questions like the cost, eligibility and more. If you have similar doubts, continue reading for a precise understanding of NDIS meals.

NDIS meal coverage

The cost of meal preparation and delivery charges are entirely covered. However, the ingredients used in the meal preparations are categorised under “everyday expenses”, and these costs are not covered. NDIS funding benefits people who cannot cook meals or shop for ingredients due to disability.

The NDIS will decide whether an individual is eligible for funding only after a precise assessment.

Most service providers will utilise a formula to break down the cost of preparation, delivery, and ingredients. This differs from one meal delivery service to another, but NDIS funds 70% of the price. Most individuals will pay around 30% of the cost, usually called a “co-pay”.


The NDIS has provided precise rules that will help evaluate whether you can claim this support. It is essential to have the funding included in your plan if you desire to pay for the meal preparation and delivery.

If you want to include NDIS funding in the plan, receive quotes from reliable meal delivery services and check the number of meals they can deliver throughout the program. It is essential to accumulate reliable evidence that helps NDIS consider that funding for your meal preparation and delivery is critical.

Wrapping up

NDIS funding is beneficial, but people often need help selecting the right meal delivery services. The above attributes can help you filter out many options and choose one provider to help you with daily budgets. Besides the above factors, you should check whether the service provider offers invoices regularly. If you do not see how much you spend, it won’t be easy to track the expenses. After choosing an ideal service provider, you need to keep track of the budgeting and tracking.