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April 21, 2024
Software Technology

Coronavirus Effects on Recruitment Business | What is the Solution?

The world is suffering from a huge effect of COVID-19/Coronavirus. People are forced to be isolated. It shows the major impact on the recruitment industry. As humans are not likely to be in individuals’ physical contact, recruiting businesses are slowing down.

Here are some of the major problems that may cause the recruiting to shut down due to coronavirus.

Widespread fear can reduce overall hiring
A total of 8,997 deaths are registered worldwide due to COVID – 19/ Coronavirus. This has spread a wide fear in people all over. Organizations are requesting people to stay at home and avoid direct contact of each and individuals. This can reduce the overall hiring of new candidates.

Hiring in Asia will be problematic
As China is considered as the root of this killer Coronavirus, it has put a huge impact on the nearby Asian countries. Not just withing the countries, people who belong to Asian countries and recently migrated to other places are also not likely to get hired.

Employees/Candidates may also be less enthusiastic to participate in interviews
Due to the fear of infection and hard to cure disease, candidates are avoiding participation in the Face to Face Interviews and meetings. Therefore companies are not being able to get the hiring process done smoothly and effectively.

Recruiters themselves will be directly affected
Not just the candidates, but recruiters are also not willing to attend any face-to-face interviews with other candidates. As they are also human, they can get affected easily. Human Resource industry is all about meeting and greeting new people every day, but this outrage viruses may harm the charm of the HR Industry.

Time-to-hire may be negatively impacted
As this virus is widely spread, people are not stepping outside of the home. It may hamper the timing of the actual hiring. It can cost too high due to a long time to hire. This can decrease the efficiency of the hiring managers.

So these are some of the problems that may be caused by a coronavirus in the recruiting industry. Let’s talk about some solutions that can take it up a little easier.

Try 100% Remote Hiring
This is one of the best solutions to bring on the table while the world is in a health emergency. You can hire candidates remotely, with the help of a software. You can manage your screening through the system itself. You can avoid direct personal contact with an individual.

Video Interviews can be effective
If you are thinking about the recruitment process is not possible without the interview. You are right! You can never hire candidates without taking their personal interviews. If we talk about the technological revolution, you can conduct a video interview with your candidate. It is going to give you a personal touch with your recruitment process and manage your isolation too!

Personal Touch is must
As the HR Industry is all about humans, you can never forget to give it a personal touch. While dealing with people, we need to take care of their emotions also. If you are conducting your recruitment through software, you can manage your personal relations by transparency and pro-active real communications through call, chat, and notes.

Advanced Screening cause Fast Hiring
The Video Interview is the best option to screen your candidates from afar distance. This will also make your screening very fast. As you are free to review all your video interview candidates at a time and that too frequently, you can make a better decision and make your choices wisely.

No need to travel – No need for unnecessary personal interaction
We already discussed the part of recruiters in the recruiting process, but candidates are also the major part of a recruitment process. Candidates need to take care of themselves by this kind of serious viruses. They can avoid public gatherings and meet up with the people for the interviews.

We all need to fight back to these micro villains of our health by keeping ourselves protected and tidy. Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face and other body parts without need. Hope the world will recover soon.

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