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June 18, 2024

Dachshund Dog Price in India | Appearance, Grooming, Behaviour

dachshund price in hyderabad

Did you know there is a common misconception regarding pronouncing “dachshund”? In German, Dachs translates to badger and hund to the dog when separated. The most popular way to pronounce it is “Dash-hound.” Nevertheless, “Daks-hund” is the proper pronunciation.

The breed is well-known for its monikers, including Doxie, Wiener-Dog, and Sausage Dog. Dachshunds are independent, watchful, and have a loud bark. They are, therefore, suitable as both household dogs and watchdogs.

In India, how much do Dachshunds cost?

An average Dachshund puppy in India costs between INR 15,000 and INR 20,000. Depending on several variables, it might range from INR 7000 to INR 45,000. In comparison to pups of pet quality, show-quality dogs cost more. The award is influenced by several additional variables, including place/city and breeder repute.

Factors influencing the price

The following factors affect how much buying a Dachshund puppy will cost.

The breeder’s standing

Opt for a renowned breeder or a top kennel if you seek trouble-free companionship. Although it could be a little more expensive, we advise it to benefit the dog and the family paying for it. It is best to avoid altogether purchasing from puppy mills and pet retailers.

Location and Demand

In India, dachshunds are a less common breed. Therefore, the breeders can ask for a more significant sum. You may conduct in-depth research on local prices and bargain for a fair price. The puppy cost is also influenced by other factors, including lineage and certification from the Kennel Club of India.

Caring for a Dachshund as a pet involves some other variables.

  • Be mindful of the breed’s foreign heritage. These canines can’t adapt to the hot, humid atmosphere or live on homemade Indian food as other native species can. For premium, meat-based dog food, an average monthly food expenditure for your Dachshund may start at INR 2000 and reach as high as INR 3000.
  • Home grooming may considerably lower the cost of grooming sessions, ranging from INR 2000 to INR 2500 to INR 500 each month.
  • The cost of a Dachshund puppy’s first year will depend on location and vet fees. It may total around 6000 Indian rupees. Set up at least INR 2000 each year for immunizations and veterinarian fees.
  • The procedure for spaying or neutering a Dachshund differs by region in India. It is priced between 8,000 and 15,000 rupees, plus at least 1500 rupees for aftercare.
  • Puppies are just as important as having children at home if you treat them like family members. They will require teething toys in addition to learning and training toys to protect your other possessions at home. Playing and exercise don’t stop with the puppy years. Therefore, save up to INR 1000 for their annual toys.
  • Treats are a component of training that uses rewards. Therefore, they are a necessary cost for you to maintain the health and discipline of your dogs. Estimate it as 500 INR or less each month.
  • The Dachshund is simple to train. It will significantly benefit both you and the dog if you decide to proceed with hiring a dog trainer. In India, a reputable dog trainer would cost you between 5,000 and 7,000 per month.


One of the main factors contributing to the breed’s unfavourable nicknames is appearance. They are affectionately referred to as sausage hounds or even hot dogs. Dachshunds have unusual physical characteristics, including a long nose, drooping ears, and a tail that runs parallel to the back.

A Dachshund’s expressive eyes and nuanced facial expressions are impossible to resist. Even their coat comes in three variations: silky, wirehaired, and longhair. The ones with single coats that require little care are the most frequently seen. Dachshunds can be classified as Standard, Miniature, or Kaninchenteckel. Based on how big their breasts are, a decision is made.


In comparison, dachshunds require less grooming. However, regular care and grooming will benefit both the dog and the owners. These species initially dislike grooming as well. Therefore, start them on a grooming regimen early. Your Dachshund should ideally be groomed once or twice each week.

A coat that has been brushed will be silky and tidy. You may quickly obtain a brush for grooming at reasonable pricing. Dachshunds don’t require routine washing. It will reduce the natural oils and worsen coat quality. They can take a bath once every three weeks, or at the very least, don’t take a bath more frequently than once every month. Use only gentle shampoos on the breed because of its delicate skin. 

Dogs of all breeds frequently experience health issues. Airflow through a Dachshund’s floppy ears might become difficult. To prevent infections brought on by poor air circulation, weekly treatment for their ears is a good idea. To cover unforeseen expenditures that may arise at any age, ensure you obtain quality pet insurance. 

Behaviour and character

When breeding Dachshunds, specific characteristics were considered, including independence and attentiveness. The breed became resistant as a result, making training difficult. Overall, dachshunds require light activity. Training a puppy is more straightforward than teaching an adult, like all other dogs. It only requires persistence, time, and patience. Start early, establish boundaries, and don’t waver.

The most challenging things to deal with can be unnecessary barking and toilet training. Thus, the long-term benefits of positive reinforcement must exist. With this breed, obedience training may be highly successful. Since they are natural predators, using a toy as a reward is a terrific approach to training them.

Therefore, after mastering the fundamentals, try teaching them other topics. The basics include commands, biting and nipping, socializing, lead training, recall, and crate training. These dogs typically have a limited attention span. In most cases, the tiny puppies also require rest. You may thus divide your training into 3 or 4 sessions of 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Be mindful of the Dachshunds’ propensity for spine injuries when training these dogs. Allowing your pet to jump on and off furniture is dangerous, so keep an eye on their weight and prevent it from happening.


Are Dachshunds challenging to maintain?

Dachshund maintenance is often simple. They are neither costly nor time-consuming. The only maintenance required for dachshunds is a bath, brushing, and grooming. These dogs enjoy going outside and playing, exploring, or going hunting because they were bred to be hunting dogs. Their fundamental instruction will prepare them for family life and apartment living.

Are Dachshunds vocal barkers?

Territorial dogs like dachshunds. They have a chest resembling a barrel and are proportionately huge for their body size. As a result, they often bark, especially when around other dogs. Because of this, their bark sounds very loud. Another reason they could bark is separation anxiety.