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July 19, 2024

Do a Barrel Roll 20 Times? Google Search Games

do a barrel roll 20 times

Nowadays, Google is flooded with a myriad of fun games and tricks. It is one of the best entertainment filled functionalities of the search engines. Very few know that Google is not only a platform for searching for information but also you can perform several experiments with it. 

For example, “The barrel roll” is fun-filled entertainment. One can perform a barrel roll 10, 20, or 100 times. This stunt is increasingly trending on Twitter and other platforms, but many still wonder how one performs a barrel roll. Google represents search results on a spinning web page by employing the google A Barrel roll technique. This means that the users’ screen will continue to spin while the page is loaded. 

The page will spin clockwise based on your browser as if it’s completing a barrel roll. People usually wonder how long it takes to perform a barrel roll 20 times? The answer is it takes precisely 20 seconds to complete 20 times, while for performing a barrel roll, 100 times, it would take around 1 min 40 seconds.

One can perform a barrel roll by the following steps

  • Go to Goglogo to do a Barrel roll website (
  • One must enter their name in the box above to create their customised barrel roll page.
  • After that, select the number of times you would like to perform the barrel roll. 
  • Then, one must select the Google logo style and press on start rotation, then perform a barrel.

One must perform the similar steps to perform 100 barrel rolls too.

You can perform these tasks usually during your Leisure time. It is a kind of therapy for some people, while others do not know about these tasks. Millions of users still play this and enjoy it. There was a time when this trick was trending, and it was the most searched term on the platforms.

The word DO a Barrel roll is first used in the Nintendo64 game Star Fox. In the game, Super Nintendo defending team is allowed to the Barrel roll by tapping the L or R buttons twice. 

It is interesting to see google still has a sense of humor with “Do a Barrel roll.” This Barrel roll is one of the most fantastic things Google has ever done Just like “Google,” which spruces up the google home page, the Barrel roll game adds an element of fun to the visitors. However, the Barrel roll game does not function on all browsers.

It seems to work best using Firefox and Chrome. This feature is one of the silly or secret features on the Google website.

Another way of doing a Barrel roll is to point your browser directly to 

For another “easter egg” that makes the search page look different, try searching for ‘askew’ This tilts the page, so it seems slightly off-center.

One can also check it out on youtube, which demonstrates it aptly.

A barrel roll 100 times:

Do a Barrel roll 100 times is a trick that backflips the page a hundred times. It means just running it, sitting on the chair, and watching the page move round and round. Searching here is a far thing. It will be too fast even if you can’t click the links on the given pages. To stop it 100 times, the only option you will have is to close the web page or press the back button from the browser menu. To go to barrel roll 100 

times page, the process is the same as previously described. Again, you have to select 100 times from the drop-down provided.

For many people worldwide who do not know what a barrel roll means, this term started becoming popular in the 1920s, during the early days of dogfighting. According to the know your meme, the phrase do a barrel roll comes from the 1997 video game star for 64, as mentioned in the above paragraph.

Also, for an exception, if you search for any query other than “Do a barrel roll,” it will not create a barrel roll effect on the result page and serve you the result in the usual way. One can repeatedly perform a barrel roll an infinite number of times on a webpage but only on google.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}

1. Do A Barrel roll 20 times?

The answer is “Do a Barrel roll 20 times” YES. You can roll the Google barrel 20 times and even 1 million times. All you need to do is follow the instructions like pressing R or Z twice or doing a backflip. 

2. What are some Best google tricks?

There are some fantastic google tricks which are also known as Google Games. These are:

Do a barrel roll 20 times, Google gravity, Google sphere, Google sky, Thanos, Joey Tribianni, Play Pacman, Flip A coin, Atari Breakout, etc. 

You can play each of these during your free time to enjoy the fullest level of entertainment.

3. How much time does it take to do Google barrel roll 20 times fast?

The speed at which the google barrel rolls is pretty fast. It will take approximately 10-15 seconds to do google barrel roll 10 times.

Doing a google barrel 20 times will take approximately 20-25 seconds. Further, to do a barrel roll x200, you have to bear 200 to 250 seconds, at least. 


The question this guide intended to find out is Do a barrel roll not only 20 times but also a million times. However, we are sure that none of us have that much time to see the barrel roll for the millionth time until the end. It’s noteworthy that this barrel roll game is in no way connected to the actual google search. Thus it is only for entertainment as it’s done during leisure time. So one must keep sharing this trick with others too.