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April 17, 2024

Doberman Dog Price in India | Vaccination, Training, Expenses

Doberman Price in India

Doberman is a powerful medium-sized dog that acts as a family defender and forges close bonds with people. Despite having a regal appearance, they are frequently portrayed as violent.

It has a sophisticated appearance and is a devoted guard dog who is intelligent and active.

They are frequently selected as therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, and military dogs. They get along well with families that have young children since they are loving, kind, and stable-minded dogs.

We covered all the information necessary for you to learn more about this dog breed and make an informed choice.

What is the price of a Doberman in India?

The owner must take into account a variety of considerations when estimating the cost of purchasing a Doberman. The final price of the puppy depends on the neighborhood, the pet store, or the breeder. Depending on the aforementioned conditions, one may typically have to spend anywhere between Rs.5,000 to Rs.50,000, with the average being around Rs.20,000, for the Doberman. 

Doberman dog price according to cities

DelhiRs.5,000 – Rs.16,000
KeralaRs.18,500 – Rs.48,000
KolkataRs.18,500 – Rs.48,500
MumbaiRs.20,000 – Rs.50,000
PuneRs.25,000 – Rs.38,000
BangaloreRs.23,500 – Rs.47,500
HyderabadRs.36,500 – Rs.50,000
ChennaiRs.18,000 – Rs.47,000
GuwahatiRs.15,000 – Rs.28,500
NagpurRs.9,500 – Rs.27,000
PunjabRs.15,000 – Rs.50,000

What elements affect the cost of Dobermans in India?

The cost of Doberman in India is influenced by a variety of significant variables. Let’s take a closer look at them.


Dobermans can be purchased via pet shops, dog brokers, respectable breeders, normal home breeders, and puppy mills, which is the breeder factor. Although pet stores sell a lot of pups, they cannot ensure their quality or purity.

It’s crucial to meet the breeder, the dog’s parents, and the puppy itself when purchasing a Doberman puppy from a pet shop. You should also examine the puppy’s KCI papers. 

Puppy mills are dubious breeders that make exaggerated promises of purity, exist simply to generate money, and provide puppies for sale in large quantities at low costs.

The greatest place to get a puppy is from a reputable breeder since they actually care about their pets and find them loving homes. They allow prospective owners to see the puppy’s parents and register their Doberman puppies with KCI.

Dog brokers are well-versed in the lineage of the dogs and have connections to trustworthy breeders of purebred Dobermans.

Regular home breeders, who do not work professionally, sell great puppies with the proper mental and physical characteristics for reasonable costs. 

Cost of vaccination

You can request a vaccination schedule card from the veterinarian, which covers shots against prevalent illnesses in India.

Following the schedule is crucial to preventing puppies under six months old from contracting any fatal diseases.

In India, the price of a single immunization can range from Rs. 750 to Rs. 1500.

The cost of neutering or spaying a dog, which sterilizes it surgically, ranges from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 6000 in smaller cities to Rs. 12000 in Indian metropolises.

Through affordable pills that cost around Rs. 100, de-worming helps the puppy retain nourishment from the diet. 

Cost of Doberman accoutrements

Basic goods including a bed, towel, bowls for food and water, and playthings are required for Dobermans. A collar and leash might also be included with the accessories, which would cost a total of about Rs. 3500.

Cost of training

Because Dobermans are an aggressive breed and need regular training, it is advised to employ a reputable trainer. The price every month for this will be about between Rs. 5000 and Rs. 7000.

Expenses associated with treats

Giving Dobermans commercial treats is not advised. Giving these dogs homemade food delights like eggs, paneer, cheese, meat, and vegetables is beneficial for their health. 

Cost of a Doberman puppy

The price of a doberman puppy depends on the breeder’s reputation and how well the youngster is cared for. Since elite breeders with dogs from the greatest bloodlines are paid more, breeding quality is important.

It’s crucial to speak with several breeders to understand the various dog lineages in India. The location of the puppy also affects the pricing because South India is home to some of the greatest Dobermans in the nation.

The price is influenced by the demand for the dog and how closely the breed adheres to the breeding criteria. Puppies with minor defects in pet quality are substantially less expensive than puppies with major problems in show quality. 

There are very few variations in temperament and character between male and female pups. However, male dogs are more energetic and cost between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 5000 more than female puppies. 

The cost of dog walking and other services

Dobermans do not get along because they are hostile with strangers. Before letting them out on walks with strangers, they need to be well socialized. Using a dog walking service for this breed is thus not advised.

A dog walker may be hired for between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1500 per month, depending on how well they get along with people and whether they trust strangers.

Travel Expense

Dobermans may travel in automobiles or on trains. If the dog’s owner does not intend to bring the animal with them, kennel or dog hotel services can be used.

A Brief History

In honor of its founder Karl Doberman, the Doberman dog breed has its roots in Germany. The developer was a dog catcher who bred several canines to create a guard dog for personal security in addition to having a dangerous profession collecting taxes.

He had easy access to a variety of dog breeds, although it is unknown what percentage of each type he mixed. Beauceron, Rottweiler, Weimaraner, and German Pinscher are most likely in the mix.

During World Battle II, the Doberman pinscher served as the US Marine Corps’ official war canine. They were initially trained to be bold and aggressive, but over time they have become amiable.

Personality and temperament

Doberman pinschers are dedicated, loyal, and observant guard dogs. They make excellent family dogs since they are very intelligent and adaptable.

These dogs need to be socialized and taught for a solid personality and to curb their predisposition toward stubbornness.


Dobermans are talented, very clever canines. They pick things up quite fast and are simple to train. Owners must be particularly aware of this behavior and take decisive action since they have a tendency to dominate. They act aggressively because they have a natural need to protect themselves. Through early, appropriate interaction with other animals and people, this may be managed.

What makes Dobermans unique?

If socialized and trained properly, doberman pinschers are thought of as people-oriented dogs who are loving and nice with people.

Dobermans are fearless?

The Doberman Pinscher Is a Discerning, Fearless, and Intelligent Guardian.