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July 19, 2024

Dogo Argentino Price in India | History, Appearance, Grooming

Dogo Argentino Price in India

An athletic dog with power, intelligence, and fast reflexes is called a Dogo Argentino. This vast, muscular pack-hunting dog has a strong head and a balanced physique. It has a simple, smooth, short coat that is white, except for specific individuals who have a little, less than 10%-coverage black patch around the eye.

What is the price of a Dogo Argentino in India?

A Dogo Argentino puppy’s price may change based on the breeder’s reputation and geographic location. The cost of a puppy ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 85,000, and for a purebred show dog, it might reach Rs. 1,50,000.

Price-Relating Factors

The Dogo Argentino is an uncommon breed in India and should only be purchased from trustworthy breeders. It’s crucial to get to know the puppy’s parents as well. Before purchasing, ensure the breeder and the puppy have all the required paperwork and registration.

A Dogo Argentino puppy from a reputable breeder is more expensive than pet stores and puppy mills. However, it guarantees healthy purebred puppies with little to no sickness or deficiency. The location or area where the Dogo Argentino puppy is purchased impacts the dog’s cost. A locally born dog is less costly than buying a puppy from another state or region.

Purebred puppies are less likely to get inherited illnesses. Because of this, purebred quality puppies cost more. Vaccination fees, neutering/spaying, deworming, yearly physical examination, and other medication charges are included in veterinarian visits.

Costs associated with grooming include a grooming brush, dog shampoo and conditioner, dental treatment, etc. The price is further increased by certain necessary extras like a bed, water and food bowls, and a collar and leash.


The physique of Dogo Argentino is powerful, muscular, and has an attractive form. He also has a large head. They have broad muzzles that are about the same size as their head length.

They have tiny, black eyes that are placed far back in their heads and give an alert, inquiring appearance. Their short ears hang loosely to the side of their faces. The skin of this breed is elastic, and it has a white coat that is short and fitted.

Typically, female Dogo Argentinos stand 60 to 65 cm tall and weigh 35 to 45 kg. This breed’s males may grow to a height of 68 cm and weigh up to 45 kg.

Background and History

Breeder Antonio Nores Martinez developed the Dogo Argentino, usually referred dog as the Argentine Mastiff, in 1928. This breed is a direct ancestor of the Mastiff and Bull Breeds-derived Cordoba Fighting Dog.

It is a highly bold, muscular dog with a high pain threshold that has been effective in dog fights. To check the outcome, this breed was crossed with several other species, and records of each cross were kept.

When Dogo Argentino engaged in combat with a boar and a cougar in 1947, the dog prevailed because it was already well-established. It rose in popularity in Argentina’s own country and neighbouring nations.

The Argentine Kennel Club officially recognized them in 1964. Following its rise to fame abroad, this breed continued to perform the day-to-day functions of guarding and hunting.

It also served as a search and rescue dog and a personal security dog in the military. 


Dogo Argentino typically acts aggressively, asserts dominance, and challenges authority continuously. Since it dislikes obeying orders from anybody, it needs a skilled professional dog trainer. When being trained, it constantly has to be under control, consistent, and stern. It might only obey someone it respects. 


The fearlessness, endurance, and capacity to work in a pack with other dogs are qualities that are well-known for this working dog. They may be very protective of their family and devoted and loyal to their master. 

Dogo Argentino puppies must be socialized from a young age to promote excellent behaviour and peaceful coexistence with kids and other canines or animals. Since the dog is so large, supervision is still advised.

To become a calm, patient dog that welcomes new people and pets, it has to undergo crucial training. They make excellent security dogs because of their keen perception and watchful attitude.


Minimal maintenance is required, such as occasional brushing, for Dogo Argentino. To prevent their opposition later on when they are enormous, it is critical to make them comfortable with the grooming procedure from a young age. Checking ears, trimming claws, bathing, and cleaning teeth are a few essential grooming procedures. To prevent future damage to the handler, these duties should be taught to the dog early in their development.