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July 19, 2024
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Easy Way to do Akarna Dhanurasana

With the help of Yogasanas, a person can keep his body healthy and healthy. One of the yoga postures is very useful for humans, its name is Akarna Dhanurasana. It is known from the name of the asana that the asana performed near the ear is similar to a bow on the bow.

This is an asana that exercises many parts of the body. With the increase of strength in the body, this posture also increases flexibility, which is very useful in keeping our body healthy. Some people consider this asana like Dhanurasana, but this asana is completely different from it and its benefits are also many.

In this article, I will give you information about the method of Akarna Dhanurasana, its benefits, and precautions.

Method of Akarna Dhanushasana:

  • First of all, sit on a yoga mat and spread your legs in front.
  • Taking the heel of the right foot over the left leg, keep it near the thigh.
  • Making a ring of the thumb of the right hand and the accompanying finger, hold the thumb of the left foot, which is kept near the thigh.
  • Now inhale, while raising the heel, hold the toe and bring it to the right ear as you shout on the bow.
  • Your waist will be straight, face raised, focus in front.
  • Keep in mind that the foot has to be taken near the ear and not the ear has to be brought near the foot by turning the face.
  • Stayed for a few moments by doing internal Kumbhaka, then slowly back.
  • Similarly, hold the thumb of the left foot and bring it to the right ear.

Time sequence:

This asana is definitely difficult, but with regular practice, its time sequence can be increased. As you are a beginner, you should do this asana only for 10-15 seconds in the beginning. As the practice increases, this posture will start feeling fine. Its practice can be increased from one minute to eight minutes.

Benefits of Akarna Dhanurasana –

  • With this asana, the nerves of the hands and feet are especially stretched and purified.
  • This asana strengthens the lungs.
  • Those who have the work of sitting for the whole day must do this asana.
  • The liver and large intestine are affected by doing this asana.
  • Strengthens the muscles of the waist and shoulders.
  • Due to this, the defects of the knee and thigh are removed, they benefit.
  • By doing this asana, the body becomes flexible, which gives relief in pain.
  • It provides relief in constipation, improves digestion power.

Before starting the asana, pay attention to these things –

  • This asana should be done from 5 am to 7 am.
  • The stomach should be cleared by doing this asana.
  • Avoid doing this asana in the evening.
  • Do this asana under the supervision of a good yoga trainer.

Precautions to be taken in Akarna Dhanurasana-

You have any of the problems given below, then do not do Akarna Dhanurasana.

  • If you have back pain, then this asana should not be done.
  • If you have cervical pain, then this asana should not be done.
  • Heart patients should avoid doing this asana.
  • Do not do this asana in case of abdominal bloating or diarrhea.
  • Begin this asana only under a yoga expert.
  • When it comes to doing asanas, do this asana by yourself.

Most frequently asked questions:-

To whom does Akarna Dhanurasana apply?

Akarna Dhanurasana strengthens our thighs, knees, and shoulders. If done properly, it also proves to be a boon for our stomachs. People who have heart-related diseases or are suffering from high blood pressure should not do this asana.

Does Akarna Dhanurasana reduce belly fat?

Yes, Akarna Dhanurasana melts belly fat and makes your tummy flat. By doing this, the problem of constipation also gets relief. By doing this regularly, digestion power is also good.


The method, benefits, and precautions of doing Akarna Dhanurasana which I have told. Do it keeping these in mind or you must consult a good yoga guru to do it before you start. If you are suffering from any chronic disease, then first start this asana only after consulting a doctor.

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