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July 19, 2024

English Mastiff Price in India | Lifespan, Breed Information

One of the large breeds that sometimes weigh over 220 pounds, English Mastiffs are said to be the oldest breeds are believed to have descended from Alaunt and Pugnaces Britanniae. Mastiffs are considered to be docile and gentle irrespective of their giant-like appearance. Its large body, enormous mass, having the desired temperament, grandeur, and pleasing nature along with courageous nature make it adorable as a pet. However, their huge physical size requires the owner to offer them ample space for stretching and abiding with comfort.

This amiable breed is best for people who can accommodate the enormous size of Mastiffs and have no issues with a little drool slung around. Mastiffs are easily imbibing to the family and thus become friends with kids and other family members. However, it may not be simple to socialize your mastiff with strangers. If you have made up your mind to buy English Mastiff for you and your family, stick to the end of this article to know this breed in detail.

About English Mastiff

It is believed that English Mastiffs are descended from Pugnaces Britenniae and old Alaunt with some characteristics as well as important inputs from Alpine Mastiffs. This breed is renowned for its loving and affectionate nature even with its enormous size. Moreover, it has a massive head and seems to be carrying a black mask that makes it unique from other dogs. The English Mastiff price varies depending on the color of the puppy, age, and numerous other factors. 

However, the lineage of the modern English Mastiff is assumed to have evolved in the early nineteenth century, the genuine breed (which is often called the modern-type of English Mastiff) was found in the late nineteenth-century-1880s. Moreover, this breed has helped in developing various other dog breeds, which are known as “mastiff-type dogs” or only “mastiffs.”

Physical Appearance: Size, weight, colors, lifespan

A massive body, masked and squared-shaped face, hard skull, large size, enormous weight, and short coat make English Mastiff different from other breeds of dogs. Even they are slightly heavier than the prodigious breed- Saint Bernard dog. Here are the key highlights of the mastiff’s physical features that determine English Mastiff puppy price in India or any other region.  

Size or Height: English Mastiff, with prodigious strength, is 27 to 32 inches tall at the shoulder. 30 inches and up male, while 27.5 inches and up female. Some Mastiffs can be larger or smaller than the average height. 

Weight: the weight of this large English Mastiff can go over 230 pounds. However, on average they are found in 120-230 pounds. Male- 160-230 pounds and Female- 120-170 pounds. 

Life Expectancy: The life expectancy of an English Mastiff varies between 6 to 10 years. However, Kush, a female English Mastiff, was the oldest living mastiff. It survived in Australia for over 15 years old. 

Colors: English Mastiff India, or abiding in any other county, are found in very limited colors – Brindle, Fawn, and Apricot. Their smooth and fine coats are available in silver-fawn and dark-fawn as well.

Temperaments of English Mastiff

  • English Mastiffs are renowned for their courageous nature that never voracious or shy. Besides, they are docile, good nature, amiable, grandeur, active, and friendly with family members including children. 
  • Although a well-socialized English mastiff will drift a little from stranger polity, they can be ferocious over others when something seems threatening.  
  • Mastiffs are good watchdogs that won’t let any thieves in your house flee away until the police arrive. 
  • These are very sensitive kinds of dogs, who can be fearful, aggressive, or bashful if mishandled. Thus, make sure you are gentle and loving with your pet. 
  • English Mastiffs love to play with children and therefore let kids pamper them. 
  • They are protective and affectionate with family as well as other pet dogs.

Characteristics of English Mastiff 

  • Though the shedding level of English Mastiff is not as high as some other breeds, you can still see some furs and hair leaving behind. 
  • Mastiff requires to have coat grooming at least once a month. 
  • The drooling level is usually high in English Mastiffs. Thereby, you will have to carry a towel whenever you pamper your mastiff. 
  • They have short and double coats available in a few variations of colors. This is one of the factors determining English Mastiff dog price. 
  • Mastiffs are highly adaptable to the new schedules, weather, living conditions, noise, and other day-to-day life variations. 
  • This is a high-energy breed, which requires a good amount of exercise and mental stimulation. 
  • They are very vocal in nature; that means barks only to alert against danger. 
  • Mastiff thrives most in low temperatures- a cool environment. 
  • Their short coat leaves them vulnerable to heat and sunburn, thus making them inadequate to high-temperature regions.

Are you planning to buy an English Mastiff dog in India?

This rare breed is so expensive in certain regions, especially in India. Its unique appearance and convincing nature make them lovable among all. English Mastiff prices in India can range between 50,000 to 80,000 rupees. Moreover, if you are going to make an English Mastiff your family member, make sure they are provided an adequate environment and ample space.