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March 26, 2024

Facts About Doggy Treats For Their Healthy and Long Life

Doggy Treats

Dogs are some of the most popular animals or pets, as there are around 6.3 million dogs in Australia. About 62% of households have pets, among which most are dogs. Therefore, the pet food industry is growing exponentially, generating a revenue of 2.9 billion AUD. Treating a dog is not as simple as it sounds, as it is not healthy for dogs to eat all kinds of food. They may get issues relating to health, which may reduce their life span. There are specific healthy dog treats in Australia that aid dogs to live longer and happier lives. One can treat their dog to express their love towards the pet. Treats can be given to pets as positive reinforcements to encourage good behaviours and eventually train them.

Know how to discriminate between good dog treats and bad dog treats.

Healthy dog treats

Falling for the marketing strategies, it is most likely that the owner is trapped in buying their products. Owners should keep in mind the following facts before purchasing the products. In most products, the quality is poor, and the quantity is limited. The Pet Food Industry Association of Australia ensures manufacturers provide quality food that are safe and nutritious for dogs.

Natural ingredients

The first thing to check is to see if all the ingredients are natural and not made out of chemicals. These treats do not contain chemicals or addictive ingredients and heavy processing, and all these nutrients are intact, resulting in improving the dog’s health. They positively affect the dog’s digestion, circulation, balancing weight and protecting them from plaque and tarter.

Grain and gluten-free.

Two common ingredients that have the characteristic of triggering the immune system of dogs are gluten and grain. Unlike humans, dogs do not have special enzymes to break down or digest starchy carbohydrates. If anyone is looking for healthy dog treats in Australia that balance a dog’s nutrition, they should consider this factor. Smooth digestion is present as it is high in protein, necessary nutrients. There is more to it! These treats can block significant allergic reactions, gastric problems, skin and ear infections. They can improve the immune system, balance the weight, and nurture a shiny coat.

Freeze-dried treats.

It has become a popular choice for most pet owners and pet professionals. How are these freeze-dried treats made? At low temperatures, the moisture present in the ingredients is evaporated. The process does not include altering the chemical composition of treats. So no additional chemicals are absent.

Unhealthy Dog Treats

Many pet-related products have toxins, and safety measures are absent. But how will anyone know what is terrible for their furry friends? Go through the rest of the article to learn about those facts!

Treats with chemicals and additives

All the products that have chemicals and preservation elements are unhealthy. The addition of toxin ingredients and subtraction of healthy ingredients affects their body. When a dog consumes them, these toxins contaminate the health, leading to deadly consequences.


Owners who have a busy schedule or whose dog is combative prefer buying long-lasting treats to keep them busy and save their furniture. But what they do not realise is that they are harmful for their pets. They do not have any nutrition, leading to choking problems, swollen gums, and also can break down the teeth at times.

Table scraps

Everyone admits that it is very tempting to give human food to dogs, especially when they make puppy eyes. It can lead to maladaptive behaviour and impact their health. Human food consists of spices, vegetables that can destroy the blood cells. They could be the foundation of anaemia, gastrointestinal problems, organ failure and even death. The Australian Standard for Hygenic Production of Pet Meat by PISC has declared minimum requirements necessary for hygienic harvesting, processing, transportation, packaging and storage of dog food that makes it safe.

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