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April 21, 2024
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Warning Don’t Use These Flowers in Your Bridal Bouquet

flowers to avoid for wedding

While it may be entertaining to spend hours on Pinterest looking for wedding flower ideas, if you want your big day to be a success, you must know which flowers to use in your wedding bouquet. You may believe that selecting wedding flowers is simple, but every bride should be aware of a few pitfalls.

Not every flower is meant for every season. We asked florists which in-season flowers they avoid using in a floral arrangement. This information will assist you know which flowers to avoid for wedding.

Which Flowers Not to Include in Floral Arrangements?

The only sniffling you want to hear during your big day is from happy tears, not from how others feel about your flowers. Some wedding guests may experience difficulties because they are allergic to pollen or dislike the smell of flowers.

Before selecting centerpieces and bouquets, consult with your florist about any floral allergies you may have or those of your guests. Greenery or other components such as fruit or fabric centerpieces are usually the safest bet.

Even while there are many fresh, lovely flowers to pick from, keep in mind that not all flowers are the same. Some seasonal flowers are considered bad wedding flowers, because they do not last long in a bouquet. We have mentioned some flowers to avoid for wedding:


Although peonies are one of the most popular wedding flowers, our experts do not advocate having them in your bouquet. Because peonies are quite costly you do not want to pick something that will wilt quickly. It is one of the many flowers not to use in wedding bouquets.


It is a beautiful spring flower with a wonderful scent, but it is not suitable for bouquets since it closes after being picked. However, it is one of the many flowers to avoid in bouquets. They also have wood stems that require a lot of water, so if they are in a bouquet that is dry for most of the day, they can wilt quickly. This is one of the many flowers to avoid for wedding.


They look beautiful in our gardens, but they should not be used as wedding blooms since they can harm other flowers. They have harmful sap that can damage other flowers such as tulips when they share the same water, according to florists. Thus, they are not the ideal choice for centerpieces.


Poppies, without a doubt, look stunning when paired with a white wedding gown, but you should consider twice before utilizing them. Pollen can quickly stain a bridal gown, which is not worth the risk.


Despite their romantic and elegant associations, hellebores can be gloomy and fade rapidly. It makes a great seasonal centerpiece, but it is not always the ideal choice for a bouquet.


Florists agree that this flower can provide a lovely explosion of color and structure to a wedding bouquet, but it may not stay fresh all day. Florists advise avoiding this seasonal bloom since it does not thrive without water and it may wilt unexpectedly.

Avoid These Wedding Flower Mistakes

Many married couples will tell you that selecting wedding flowers is not always as simple as it appears, and there are a few typical blunders you can avoid if you follow the appropriate advice. These tips will help you know about flowers to avoid for wedding.

Insufficient Research

You appear to have avoided one of the most common wedding flower blunders by reading this! However, do not stop here. Many florists are astounded by how few couples conduct any homework before going shopping. Begin by looking at several floral arrangements and photographing the ones you like best. Even if you do not want to replicate a design, it is an excellent place to start when talking with someone.

Use Only One Color

Beautiful arrangements can be constructed with just one hue, but do not be afraid to mix and match. Even worse, do not try to match the color of the flowers to the color of the bridesmaids’ outfits. If your colors are all too similar, the flowers will blend in and your images will be dull.

Strong-Smelling Flowers

Although all flowers smell in some way, some smell more strongly than others. These have such a strong odor that they may compete with the food or, worse, make some of your visitors feel ill.

People are becoming more aware of allergy sufferers and are willing to assist them. Flowers are similar in that their strong odors can make some people sick, give them migraines, or trigger other allergic reactions. Do not make the same error by choosing flowers and plants that smell weakly or not at all.

Disregarding What Your Florist Says

Every bride-to-be has a vision, even if it is only a vague idea of how she wants her flower arrangements to look. However, florists are specialists, so you should not only listen to and consider what they say, but also believe it. Even if you know exactly what you want, listen to your florist’s suggestions, and get bulk flower delivery. Also, do not be hesitant to ask questions.

The Final Word

These were some flowers to avoid for wedding. Bold, cascading arrangements of traditional centerpieces are the finest approach to improve the appearance of a wedding venue. However, keep in mind that these live creatures require meticulous care and attention to maintain their quality and perkiness.