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July 19, 2024
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Here are the Simplest Ways to Look a Cool Guy in a Wide Brim Hat


Most men believe that hats are for those who like to dress well or are naturally hip. While there is some truth in it, that doesn’t imply you have to be a specific type of guy to rock the hat look. Hats by themselves can elevate anyone’s style, making other factors secondary. Of course, although they have some merit, hat etiquettes don’t need strict adherence. Or, more precisely, these are not to make you conscious to the extent where you stop enjoying your looks. The more you are at ease, the more your hat look gets all the attention. Trust this simple trick to create the desired impact, even if you don’t intend to make one. Here are some tips in this context.

Wide brim hats

The sun is at its brightest. It would help if you had some protection from UV rays to avoid harmful effects. Using sunscreen can be a must, but your face and neck need more coverage. Now, it can be impossible to layer up yourself in hot summer. You would want to keep yourself free and breezy for some air. And that’s where wide-brimmed hats contribute. With brims extending beyond the standard 2 to 3 inches, these hats efficiently cover your face and neck. But wide brim choices are not only about functionality, especially the fedora variety. Wide brim fedora hats for men are much more than this. Do you want to know why? These hats can easily complement any outfit of your desire without asking you to make any special efforts. 

Styling the wide brim hat look

You don’t need to wear matching colors with wide brim hats when you coordinate an outfit. You can wear bold clashing hues or even a print. Pay attention to the silhouette of your hat and the shapes involved. Select a neutral-colored hat if you want to play a safe-style game. However, make sure you wear something reliable and of good quality. Anything that can keep your style fresh even after years of wearing can be the prized pick. Since Fedora is a classic design, you don’t need to search for other shapes. It can accompany you everywhere, from formal to casual events. 

However, guys with more refined tastes opt for colorful options, such as olive, chestnut, copper, grey, and yellow. These go with suits, blazers, shirts, jeans, or any outfit men sport at different places. If you are conscious about your skin tone and the choice of hat color, you can take a cue from the fact that darker color hats like brown, olive, grey, and blue look great on lighter or paler skin tones. These can add to your warm personality. Someone with olive skin tone can freely select from the color palette because most shades suit them, whether light, medium, or dark. Again, the same holds for a man with darker skin color. But when you pick a wide brim fedora style, make sure it contrasts with your skin tone.

Are you a tall guy? In that case, wide-brim hats in contrasting shades can be the perfect addition to your overall look.

Wearing the wide brim hat

Some stylists feel that a blue hat with a wide brim can look too dressy for someone who is a regular office goer. But a grey hat may not feel too costumey. It can lend a unique western finish to your outfit also. Still, the way you arrange it on your head does count. For example, if you turn this up to your right ear, your overlook will suddenly get elevated, and people may start recognizing your presence. If you don’t think so, try this look once you walk out of the office and don your wide brim hat in this fashion. You will probably notice the impact. 

Not only is there a demand for casual fashion, but the market and industry have changed quite a bit since the last century. In 1949, most men’s outfits included a hat, while some women opted out of wearing one. But today, hats have become more of an accessory to any attire than a complete look. It was likely due to subsequent generations’ rejection of traditional rules and regulations and their increased desire for diversity in terms of fashion and other aspects of life like gender roles and career paths. 

No matter what, hats have covered a long distance in fashion ever since their origin. Today, you can wear your wide brim hat without any hesitation. While musicians and celebs also seem to be fond of this style, you don’t have to compare your personality to anyone to know whether wide brim is a thing for you or not. You don’t have to be a fashion-conscious person or a cowboy. Explore the options, pick the one based on your taste and preference, and match it with your outfit. Simple!