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May 27, 2024

Hero Splendor Plus Price, Mileage and Details

Nowadays, many people in India are purchasing bikes. That is why bikes have become very common in India. But whenever we want to purchase a bike, at that time we become slightly confused if we don’t have an idea about the bikes and which bike will suit us better.

Here, in this article, we will know about one of the most famous and reliable bikes in India. So, Hero splendor plus is one of the most purchased bikes in India. It provides the best mileage well as it has the ability to sustain in any condition. We can say that hero splendor plus is the top-selling best mileage bike in India.

So, if you are looking to purchase a hero splendor plus bike. Then read this article properly, here we will know about hero splendor plus price as well as hero splendor plus mileage.

Hero splendor plus priceEx-showroom price starts from 61,700 rupees
Mileage70 Kmpl
Engine97.2 CC
Fuel capacity   11.0 L


Hero Splendor plus colors come in several varieties. When we go to purchase hero splendor plus bike, there we get 8 options in colors. We can choose any one of them as per our wish.

Here below is given the types of colors this bike comes in. You can easily select the color in which you want your hero splendor bike to be. The types of colors we get to decide before purchasing this bike are:

•          Black with purple

•          Black with silver

•          Black with red

•          Grey color with green

•          Beetle red

•          Bumblebee yellow color

•          Firefly golden

•          Normal black

So, these were all the types of colors that hero splendor plus bs6 have. We can choose any of the hero splendor plus bs6 color before purchasing this bike.

Hero Splendor Plus Specifications

Now we will know about hero splendor plus specifications. So, if you are not aware of the performance and power of this bike. Then here, you can acquire all the knowledge related to splendor plus bike power and performance.

Power and performance

Like every other bike present in India. Hero splendor plus engine also needs petrol. So, it is also a petrol engine bike. The power-up to which hero splendor plus perform is 7.91 bhp @ 8000 rpm. The maximum amount of torque in this bike is 8.05 Nm @ 6000 rpm. Now, the latest engine of hero splendor plus is the BS6 engine.

Hero splendor plus also have 1 cylinder. The bore of this bike is 50 mm and the stroke is 49.5 mm. This bike also has 2 valves per cylinder and the compression ratio is 9:9:1. The cooling system is of Air-cooled technology and its ignition is of DC Digital CDI. The gear transmission comes with 4 manual speed gears, so we can easily shift the gears whenever needed.

This bike also has the capacity to reserve fuel. So, whenever there is the need for fuel, at that point this bike also reserves 1 liter of petrol for an emergency.

Suspension and brakes

This was all about the power and performance of hero splendor bikes. Now we will know about the suspension and brakes of this bike. As we all know that when it comes to safety in bikes, then brakes are one of the main things for it. Hero splendor plus have the IBS braking system, and the brake type is of drum both for front and rear brakes. The front suspension of this bike is of telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and the rear suspension is of 5-step adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers.

The new hero splendor plus bs6 comes with a tubeless tire and the size of wheels is 18 inches for both front and rear. The pressure of the front tire of this bike is 25 psi and the pressure of the rear tire of this bike is 28 psi. the size of brakes for both front and rear is 130 mm and the type of wheel is of alloy.

Dimensions of Hero splendor plus

Now, we will know about the dimensions of this bike. So, the curb weight of hero splendor plus bs6 is 110 kg. If we talk about the length of this bike, then the length of hero splendor is 2000 mm and the overall width of this bike is 720 mm. the overall height that this bike has is 1052 mm, and the base of the wheel is 1236 mm.

This bike also has good ground clearance. The ground clearance of hero splendor plus is 165 mm. The height of the seat of this bike is 785 mm and it has tubular double cradle chassis.

So, this was all about hero splendor plus bs6 specifications.


At last, we will know some of the features that we get after purchasing the hero splendor plus bike. We will get the analog type of odometer in this bike and the lights will also be of DRL (Daytime running lights). In the hero splendor plus bs6, there is also a feature of the automatic headlight on.

The type of speedometer we will get in this bike will be of an analog type and fuel Guage is also available. Like many other bikes, it also has a low fuel indicator and 1 trip meter in the form of an analog. Kick and electric start functions are also available.

Price in India City Wise

Note: These are the Ex-showroom price, On-road prices vary city to city. Please check the price of Hero Splendor plus BS6 according to cities.

CityPrice in Indian Rupees
Delhi₹63,750.00 to ₹69,060.00
Jaipur₹63,745.00 to ₹68,935.00
Ahmedabad₹63,910.00 to ₹69,260.00
Patna₹64,137.00 to ₹68,975.00
Bihar‎₹75,294.00 to ₹80,610.00
Pune₹63,710.00 to ₹69,010.00
Chennai₹63,820.00 to ₹69,110.00
Hyderabad₹63,810.00 to ₹69,060.00
Lucknow₹63,795.00 to ₹68,910.00
Kolkata₹63,450.00 to ₹68,860.00
Bangalore₹61,920.00 to ₹69,210.00
Agra₹63,795.00 to ₹68,910.00
Ludhiana‎₹63,620.00 to ₹69,160.00
Mumbai‎₹63,710.00 to ₹69,010.00
Surat₹63,910.00 to ₹69,260.00
Bhopal₹63,610.00 to ₹68,840.00
Gurgaon₹63,610.00 to ₹68,960.00
Kanpur₹63,795.00 to ₹68,910.00
Bhubaneswar‎₹63,800.00 to ₹68,930.00
Raipur₹63,410.00 to ₹68,740.00
Rajkot₹63,910.00 to ₹69,260.00
Ranchi‎₹63,970.00 to ₹69,210.00
Vadodara₹63,910.00 to ₹69,260.00

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