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July 19, 2024

Honda Activa 6G Price in Hyderabad

Activa 6g Price in Hyderabad

The Activa is a popular scooter. According to Honda, an Activa is sold every nine seconds in India, and the total number of Activas sold has already surpassed 2 crores. These figures demonstrate that the business has mastered the formula. That’s why it’s such a huge deal when Honda decides to fully revamp its most popular scooter.

Honda Activa 6G Specifications

Engine Displacement109.51cc
Max Power7.79 PS @ 8000 rpm
Max Torque8.84 Nm @ 5250 rpm
Engine TypeFan Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine
Fuel Tank5.3 Litre
Mileage50 km/ltr
Top Speed85 km/hr
Standard On-road PriceRs. 90,315
Standard Ex-showroom PriceRs. 73,033
Deluxe On-road PriceRs. 92,299
Deluxe Ex-showroom PriceRs. 74,778

So, how does it appear?

  • Honda has kept the 6G’s visual makeover to a minimum, giving it simply a small facelift.
  • The scooter now has a sleeker-looking headlight and revised chrome highlights on the apron, giving it a more aggressive appearance from the front.
  •  The mudguard has been redesigned to seem more like the one on the Activa 125. The side panels haven’t changed all that much, but they now have a little sharper rake in the back. 
  • Moving on to the back, the design is completely new, and the taillight is inspired by the Activa 125. Activa fans will be pleased to learn that the scooter’s metal body is still present.

What’s the feel of it during the ride? 

The 125cc engine of the scooter is the same as on the Suzuki Access. The engine is quick, and you don’t feel weighed down by the weight. It’s also not choppy at low speeds and gets up speed quickly. On the highway, you can travel at a comfortable speed of 60 km/h, or up to 85 km/h. 

Stability is provided by the larger front wheel. Riding for an extended period of time puts less stress on your arms. At low speeds, the telescopic suspension absorbs bumps while keeping the scooter rigid as speeds increase.

Ergonomic performance improves as the scooter’s dimensions alter. On the floorboard, the rider has greater room now. He can also sit further out from the handlebar, giving his hands a more relaxing position. Furthermore, due to the larger seat, the pavilion has greater room. Overall, the stability caused by the sharper rake is mitigated to some part by a long wheelbase.

The History of the Honda Activa

In India, Honda motorcycle manufactured the Honda Activa and it was first introduced in India in May of 1999.

In Mexico, Honda Activa began production in 2004.

  • Honda Activa 1st Generation, 2001

How many of you recall the cumbersome Honda Eterno? It was a gear-driven scooter. In terms of appearance, the first generation Honda Activa was based on the Eterno. It was driven by a 102cc engine that produced 7hp and 8Nm of peak torque. The engine was mated to a CVT transmission, which eliminated the need to shift gears. The Honda Activa was able to reach a top speed of roughly 80 kilometres per hour thanks to this configuration.

  • The Activa 2G released in 2009

Honda decided to improve the Activa after 8 years of development. The Activa was upgraded to the second generation. It was the first scooter to use a combi-brake mechanism, enhancing the scooter’s safety. The engine had a 109.2cc 4-stroke with 7.68hp and 8.79Nm of torque.

A revised instrument cluster was available in the Honda Activa 2G. It also received a fresh aesthetic, with a more appealing taillight and headlight. Honda’s designers took their time and created a scooter that may still be seen on the road today, as this generation of scooters was produced until 2015.

  • Activa 3G Honda, 2015

In the Indian market, Honda faced up against companies like Hero Motocorp. Even after the Hero-Honda joint venture came to an end, Hero Motocorp was able to maintain its market share. Honda, too, needed to come up with a better way to keep up.

As a result, the Activa 3G was born. This Activa generation is known for being the generation in which the firm finalised its design, with no substantial changes since then. In this generation, Honda also added tubeless tyres on the Activa. Activa now had Honda’s Eco Technology (HET) under the hood (the seat panel is essentially a hood for the engine), which promised better gas mileage. The 109.2cc engine now produced 8 horsepower and 8.83 pound-feet of torque. With more power, this scooter could now reach speeds of nearly 85 kmph.

  • Activa 4G became live in 2017

As previously said, Honda decided to perfect the design of the Activa in the 3G generation. As a result, the design department received no update. Activa 4G’s features remained the same as well. The engine’s only change was to fulfil BS4 emission standards, which required it to be degraded. The engine’s torque churning was increased as a result of this improvement, as the unit now produced 9Nm.

  • Generations 5 and 6

These two generations came out in such a short time. Honda increased the Activa’s build quality and expanded the colour options available in the 5th generation. It also had new LED daytime running lights up front, as well as a revised rear tail light. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

Q. In Hyderabad, how much does the Honda Activa 6G cost on the road?

  • The Honda Activa 6G has an on-road pricing of  Rs 90,315 in Hyderabad. This includes a total of Rs 10,264 in RTO fees as well as Rs 6,023 in insurance costs.

Q. How much will the Honda Activa 6G’s monthly EMI be?

  • The EMI for a Honda Activa 6G with a down payment of Rs 4,516 and 9.5 percent interest rate will be 3,063 per month for a three-year term.

Q. Which Honda Activa is the most suitable?

  • Honda Activa 6G is the best model of Honda Activa.

Q. Which Honda Activa scooter model is the cheapest?

  • The cheapest Honda Activa model is the Honda Activa 6G, which costs Rs. 71,432.