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April 22, 2024
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How Immigration CRM Software helpful Consultants

CRM Business Company Strategy Marketing Concept

Counselors play a vital role in overseas education and immigration consultant organizations. The education and immigration consulting business has become very competitive, and without effective CRM, consultants will never survive the day. However, most companies do not follow the immigration CRM software best practices that overseas education and immigration businesses should use.

What Is A CRM Migration?

CRM migration refers to the migration of data contained in old CRM solutions to new CRM tools.

When you need to migrate to a new CRM platform, you should analyze the data to be retained, reorganized, updated, or even deleted. Most CRM systems are modular, which means you need to figure out how to organize data and contact information to select modules and customize them as needed.

Features of Archiz immigration CRM software:-

Capture all clues

The business acquisition cycle of overseas education and immigration business is very long. Now, a person at school can contact such a company after two years to relocate. Such a situation may not be popular temporarily, but it will definitely become popular within a year or two. Unless the counselor has all the clues in the CRM, they will lose a lot of clues.

Interact with potential customers

The immigration or overseas education sales process is not only lengthy, but also highly engaged. It is important to interact with the hot and cold lines by sending newsletters or calling regularly.

Maintain clean data

Most consultants do not populate the CRM with appropriate data. Despite having important information about potential customers, consultants are reluctant to put the information into the CRM system. If you update the contact information of potential customers in the system, such as phone or email, it will help to send SMS or email marketing.

One of the important aspects of maintaining clean data is by checking for duplicates in the system.


Consultants should conduct online surveys to find key customer information. This online information can help them bring customers closer to the transaction.

Record all tasks, calls and meetings

Before completing the transaction, the agent had numerous conversations with the customer. All these conversations need to be recorded to identify the customer’s buying habits. You can put the conversation in the CRM “activity”. By studying this information, the agent can determine the best method for the customer, and can double the sales completion rate.

Simplify processes with workflow

With automated workflows and manual macros, counselors can increase their productivity. Workflow can reduce the burden on consultants and help them increase production time.

Use CRM calendar

Most consultants use personal calendars in gmail or Outlook. If you use an integrated CRM calendar, it will associate events with records and increase effectiveness.

Use reports and dashboards

Effective use of reports can make education and immigration consultants more aware of their channels. Smart customized reports and dashboards can help counselors get the right data at the appropriate stage.

Best practices for successful CRM migration

In general, you can choose three methods:

1. Upload files through the user interface of the old CRM tool

Download all data from the old system and upload it to the new study abroad CRM tool. Although this sounds simple, the success of this method depends on whether the file is compatible with the new CRM system and whether the data structure is similar.

2. Use a third-party CRM data migration solution

Install new applications to complete the migration for you. This method is effective only when the two systems are similar, and this rarely happens.

3. Use custom scripts or tools

This is the most effective way to migrate data because it also allows you to transfer third-party integrations. In this case, the data migration is done using API calls. This approach also means that you need to customize the target CRM. The only thing you may want to consider is that you may need the help of a qualified developer.

Work Process

You can use the workflow management module to process the applicant’s entire process in Archiz CRM in an optimized manner. This module provides pre-defined and structured functions for each task for different countries / regions, and allows consultants to work according to the defined model. This also ensures that every job can be completed on time and on demand. Each document that needs to be collected can be assigned to a task or work item in which the document must be collected. This will ensure that all task files are collected and processed accordingly.

CRM software immigration

With the help of  Archiz CRM system, consultants can complete the entire submission, processing and submission activities in one place. The entire immigration process can be configured in Study CRM based on traffic from different countries.