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July 25, 2024
Digital Marketing

How to do Email Marketing?

This article will be a great help for Marketers and sales teams. Today I’m going to tell you how you can do email marketing that give you 100% benefits. If you didn’t do email marketing before or don’t know how to do email marketing and afraid to start work on it as you don’t want to waste your time and effort, so let me tell you some great ways that never failed and also can save your time.

In today’s automation era email marketing is really easy task with some great email automation tools. If you didn’t hear about the email automation tools so here is some info about them. Email automation tools are the software that make email marketing campaigns automated like sending bulk emails with single click and every receiver will receive the email as single user no bulk cc email shown and also the details in the email will be only for the same person who receive the email, like name, company name and other details.

Now I’ll tell you how to do email marketing with the email automation tools and also I’ll tell you about the tools that you can use in your marketing campaigns. Most of people think that all leads can’t convert in the sales, well they are right even more than 50% of leads can’t be converted but you can nurture leads with the help of email automation tools.

If you have a lot of leads with email addresses for B2B email marketing, first you need to connect your database file with the email automation tool. These tools will do the rest of the work by self. They can generate newsletter, pamphlets or broachers for you, you just need to select the template you like and they will create a great eye catching marketing email for you. You can do small editing where needed. After completing your design you can click on send button. With the single click thousands of emails sent once.

Now the smart email automation tool will tell you by a notification that who opens your email and who didn’t. The people who opened the email and spend time reading your offer will be your targeted leads and you can send the next pitch for sale. Also who didn’t open your email maybe they have a lot of emails in their queue at that time so your software will create a list of those who didn’t open your email and you can send a next follow up email to them if they are interested in your service or product, or not.

As I told you in start I’ll tell you some software that can do the tasks mentioned above. Here are some awesome tools for you. The first tools is Lead Fuze, this will help you to put your list building effort on autopilot. If you are looking for only B2B email marketing solution then A-Weber will be the most suitable tool for you. If you are looking for powerful email templates MailChimp will be the best choice for you with thousands of pre-built templates. If you don’t want to use any complicated automation software so MailerLite is best tool for you, this one is relatively new than the other tools but it’s really user friendly.