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July 25, 2024
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How to find the best PVC bathroom door designs in India?

PVC Bathroom door

Nowadays people plug in their decor in their homes to give it an aesthetic look. Numerous furniture stores are available around us, but they are the old generation type, recently one new store has launched its hype named ‘Ikea’. People rather prefer to buy their furniture there as they are available at a very low cost. The variety that the store presents in terms of furniture is unmatched.

People from different cities try to find the nearest IKEA stores but probably no one can find worthy furniture stores other than Ikea. People who have an aesthetic taste regarding furniture prefer to go to this place. While talking about bathroom door designs there are various types of doors which are best suited for a bathroom. One must know about the “PVC bathroom doors” As you know, the importance of a bathroom in a household can never be overstated. While many people choose normal wooden doors, they get mossy and worn out due to the passage of time. So by considering this one needs “PVC bathroom door” designs that are different from others and are water and humid resistant. People prefer wooden or steel doors as it looks quite elegant but if one needs a long-lasting one then they prefer aluminium doors as other types are not as practical as their aluminium counterparts.”PVC bathroom door designs” are very popular these days.

Which “PVC bathroom doors” are best to use?

Usually, it is said that Panel doors are best to use as they are composed of wood panels and are ideal for use in the bathroom. These doors are known to handle the most moisture and survive for a long time and are one of the most popular “PVC bathroom doors“. 

One of the most known doors is as follows-:

  • Sliding model doors: They are the kind that saves a lot of space while adding a beautiful touch to your bathrooms. A mega benefit is you can customize PVC bathroom doors according to your wish.
  • Pocket doors: These doors are known to be highly suggested if your bathroom is only accessible via small a small entrance
  • Panel doors: These kinds of doors are usually composed of wooden panels and are ideal for use as they can tolerate moist circumstances and survive for a long time.
  • Frosted glass doors: If you are a sucker for aesthetic doors to make your bathroom look a bit classy then these glasses are best suited for you as it gives a superb impression to visitors.
  • Flush doors: These are the list common ones and have a low cost overall as they are flush with the wall and are made with a unique coating that protects them from heat or cold.

As you know if wood doors are not a better option one must always consider “PVC bathroom doors” as they are cost-effective and long-lasting and easily available in stores. It has a stained finish and it replicates the basic appearance of a basic wooden door. It is equipped with a series of frosted glass panes that help them to protect a view adding a stunning aesthetic interior to your room. 

Some of the best “PVC Bathroom door” designs

“PVC bathroom door designs” include:

  • Traditional light Oak: It gives a completely basic wooden look that is light in colour, has a cream shade, and is safe.
  • Chocolate brown design: It’s another version of the traditional light Oak which is easy to maintain and has a neat look.
  • Fibreglass design: “PVC bathroom door” designs are incomplete without fibreglass as it gives half wood and half glass theme. They are quite flexible and elegant.
  • Teak wood design: They can be easily identified by their engraved pattern themes on the door as they are from the Victorian era and can add a rust feeling.
  • White door PVC design: Choices with white doors are always timeless using it for any time of decor. It gives an ultra white finish which is best with darkroom decors.
  • PVC framed plastic design: These are basic plastic design doors with wood. You can choose to add any colour according to your wish.
  • Decorative art design: It appears to have a glossy finish as they are frames in fibreglass covered with some random art which adds up to be impressive.
  • Polished PVC design: These are the highly budgeted bathroom design doors as they are polished. Polishing adds a unique look to your decor.
  • Digital Print design: These are quite popular door designs as PVC doors are adorned by various digitally printed designs. You can choose any theme -floral, abstract or wildlife.
  • Slide-in PVC bathroom doors: These doors are made for space utilisation and have a much smarter finish than being a slide-in model.

Price of the PVC door bathrooms

While focusing on the prices of the PVC doors, one must know that the PVC bathroom door price is quite moderate. It depends upon the kind of “PVC bathroom door design” you choose from above. The estimate begins from INR 2000/- to 10000/- according to your design. Given above are some of the modern “PVC bathroom door designs.” 

What makes PVC doors the best material for bathrooms?

  • One major benefit to this is this kind of door never rots due to moisture or heat. 
  • They are not only durable but water-resistant too and quite flexible. Despite the fact the wooden and steel doors look quite elegant, there are various other designs for such PVC doors. 
  • They are known to be the perfect contemporary bathroom doors today as primarily they are more secure as compared to other materials. 
  • It can be easily customisable according to your wish as it enhances an aesthetic theme all over. 
  • They require less maintenance and don’t stain or catch any dirt or mold as they have a long-lasting capacity. 
  • They are quite cost-effective as compared to other options.
  • One must never give a second thought to buying these doors. 

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