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April 15, 2024
Digital Marketing

How to Improve Client Generation with LinkedIn Content?

LinkedIn Content

undoubtedly King. But it still needs to live up to being worthy of that title. The expansive reach of services like Cox cable ensures that most of the population has access to high-speed ISP services. This in turn boosts the number of people who regularly use internet platforms in general, and LinkedIn in particular. LinkedIn is a social media platform that styles itself as the world’s largest professional networking platform. With over 700 million active members in 2022, it certainly has the user base to back it up. And it could be worth your while to invest more time and effort in your LinkedIn content to leverage that.  

Improve Content Engagement Over LinkedIn  

Since the platform has users belonging to virtually all industries, sectors, and niches, it is a great way to make professional contacts and connect with industry opinion shapers. However, many of these individuals are often filling key management roles in organizations that fit your B2B client persona. In other words, LinkedIn can be a powerful and cost-efficient tool to target your audience: executives and decision makers are more inclined to buy your B2B offerings for their organization.  

That being said, if your LinkedIn content is performing below your expectations, it is not an efficient use of your resources or your advertising budget. While there is no cookie-cutter recipe that works for everyone, the engagement on your LinkedIn posts and content can be improved with a few simple steps. Here are a few steps to start you off: 

Improve Your Company’s About Us Content to Compel Visitors 

While LinkedIn has positioned itself as a networking platform for serious business professionals and experienced industry veterans, it is still based on the social media model. That means it has mostly human users, who have the same problem as any internet consumer: short attention spans. Being constantly bombarded with information can often desensitize audiences to your message, even if you are offering the best B2B service in the world.  

In a professional setting, a business executive would only decide to work with a B2B company that exudes professionalism in every capacity. That doesn’t just mean a depth of services or technical superiority. It also means that your page should look compelling enough that visitors would want to stay on it and learn more about you. The “About Us” section of your LinkedIn business page will be the first bit of content you will need to redo.  

Boost Visibility by Hosting Industry Icons Virtually or In-Person 

Next, social proof is equally as important on B2B platforms as it is in a B2C relationship. Consumers will only buy from a credible brand. And they use social media pages, content, and reviews to determine how credible a brand seems online. The same principle applies in B2B settings. Business managers will usually be very wary of working with an unknown brand with no social proof. Also, given the way online scams have skyrocketed over recent years, a new B2B brand can use every bit of credibility it can gather.  

While you will incrementally acquire more followers the longer you stay active on LinkedIn, there are other ways to fast track your social credibility and brand growth. Hosting a talk session or a Q and A with an established and recognizable industry leader is a good example. You can piggyback on the social credibility that the guest commands, while also proving yours. After all, a busy industry icon won’t have time for a shady business.   

Turn Your Workers into Brand Ambassadors and Micro-Influencers 

Your workforce is likely one of your most underutilized marketing assets. Who better to pitch you as a great B2B brand on a professional network than the professionals who actually work for your firm. This is not just about accumulating more social proof for your organization. It goes beyond that because while you can deliver beautiful marketing messages and engaging stories, people will always value what an actual employee has to say. Turn your employees into brand ambassadors and micro-influencers, so that you can gain more visibility among their individual networks. 

Encourage Workers to Help Improve LinkedIn Engagement 

Don’t just ask your workers to parrot your ideals or company values. Ask for more visible forms of support online, in particular, engagement on LinkedIn. Ask your workers, especially star performers and senior management to engage with everything you post on the company page. Not only will their engagement be visible to their professional network, but it will also improve how LinkedIn’s proprietary algorithm ranks your company page. That way, you’ll appear higher on the results page for future searches that you are relevant to. 

Add More Video Snippets and Compelling Visuals to Your Content  

Finally, people have very little time to engage with content that they cannot absorb. Text-heavy content loaded with complex industry jargon and buzzwords is not the way to do it anymore. These days, it is all about making your content readable and digestible. So, you need to enrich your content and posts with more engaging visuals. That means including gifs, images, graphics, infographics, videos, animations, bite-sized sections, and user-friendly formatting. Anything that can keep users engaged longer, and encourage them to visit your page. Be sure to include a link to your website on your page to drive interested B2B prospects to your primary digital channel.