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July 25, 2024

How To Scan Printed Documents With The Free FlashScan App?

Flash Scan App

Scanning various types of documents is one of the most time-consuming yet essential tech-tasks. Every day we need to scan various papers for different reasons. The physical scanner scans documents accurately. But with the advancements of technology now we have document scanner apps that scan various papers on the spot.

Scanning a printed document is easy with FlashScan. Digitizing any essential documents is just a tap away with this app. It is one of the fastest document scanner apps. Also there are other apps like Português you may use for pdf document editing, merging and convert. Let’s see why scanning apps are prevalent over the scanner machine?

How To Use FlashScan For Scanning Essential Papers?

Scanning with FlashScan is easy and accurate. This app can transform your Android device into a portable scanner. With this app you can scan anytime anywhere. But before jumping onto the scanning process let’s first see why people started using scanner apps.

Why Document Scanner Apps Are So Widespread?

Recently, the market is flooded with lots of document scanner apps. There are many advantages to the mobile scanning app.

  • A mobile camera scanner app is on the go scanning solution. A physical scanner is fixed and you can not use it anytime anywhere to scan documents.
  • Scanning apps offer many added benefits. Sometimes such apps offer multifunctional features that ease out many tasks.
  • A document scanner app offers brilliant post-scan filters that no scanner gives. 
  • You can scan any types of documents with camera scanner apps. It is quick and portable. All traditional scanners are bulky. You can not carry it with you everywhere.
  • The biggest benefit of the camera scanner app is it is handy and  all the time available with you in your device.

FlashScan: A Comprehensive Document Scanner App

FlashScan is an easy-to-use camera scanner app. It is a free Indian document scanner that generates clear and sharp scans in no time. Just use your Android devices and scan any papers with the help of FlashScan.

What Are The Papers You Can Scan With FlashScan?

  • All types of documents, Identity cards, business cards, and formal papers.
  • Business invoices, important contracts, various bills, and vouchers.
  • Scan different types of receipts, forms letters, and important books.
  • You can anytime scan tutorial articles, essential certificates, and business cards with this app. 

How Can You Scan Printed Documents With FlashScan?

Almost all sorts of documents can be scanned with FlashScan. Follow these steps and quickly digitize any document.

Step 1: Download the FlashScan app and go to the home screen. 

Step 2: From the home screen select Doc Scanner. And find the camera and Media button. Now to start the scanning, take a clear photo of the document that you want to scan with FlashScan by tapping on to the camera button. Place the paper on any flat surface such as a table or desk and take a clear snap shot of that document.

Step 3: If you want to scan any paper from your gallery,you can directly import it from the gallery. Just tap on the gallery button.

Step 4: Crop and select an accurate area for scanning. You can also rotate the image to get the best orientation. If you do not want to crop anything tap select all. The app will select the entire image for scanning.

Step 5: Choose the post-scan filter. And achieve brilliant scans in seconds!

That’s it! Scanning any document with Flashscan is as simple as this! Apart from that there are many other features FlashScan offers. 

What Are The Advantages Of FlashScan app?

FlashScan offers multiple benefits. Here are its value-added features that make it one of the best scan to PDF apps.

  • It scans every kind of document.You can generate sharp and clear scans in seconds with FlashScan.
  • Offers easy save, scan, delete and rename options.
  • It is the fastest QR and Barcode scanner app. YYou can easily share your scanned codes to friends and family.
  • Professional filters improve the scan with different effects. Offers varied filters to enhance end quality of scans.
  • The inbuilt OCR recognizes text from an image. Users can even translate scanned results from English to other languages. Share the extracted text easily.
  • This PDF creator app creates original and compressed sized PDFs.
  • You can create different sizes of PDF files with FlashScan. Such as Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4, A5. By default PDF size is A4.
  • Easily sort out your documents with Name and Modification time.


FlashScan is a potential Indian free camera scanner app that redefines the scanning process with its easy and on the go features. Use this document scanner app to generate clear and high-quality scans in no time.

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