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July 19, 2024

Indian Spitz Price in India | Characteristics, Appearance, Color

Indian Spitz

In the 1980s and 1990s, when it was nearly hard to bring dog breeds into India due to import regulations, the Indian Spitz, a kind of spitz, was a prevalent dog breed.

This type of dog in India is quite popular because of its intellect and adorable appearance. Indian Spitz and Pomeranian dogs are not the same breeds, even though many people mistake them for one another.

How much does Indian Spitz cost there?

You can get an Indian Spitz puppy for at least Rs. 4,000, and a 2-year-old would set you back between Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 8,000. The price of an Indian Spitz varies depending on the location of the purchase, whether the puppy has had vaccinations or not, and the breed’s purity.

The following section is a detailed discussion of the elements that impact Indian Spitz pricing.

Indian Spitz price influencing factors

The price of the Indian Spitz is greatly influenced by the source from which it is purchased. The cost would be reduced if this breed was easily accessible in that location.

The price would increase, however, if the Indian Spitz were uncommon where it was found since shipping costs would also be included.

The mixed ones are less expensive, but they could have health problems when they become older. Purebred Indian Spitz is more expensive and healthier, with prices that may reach Rs. 8000. 

The mixed ones are less expensive but can have specific health problems as they age. The price of a purebred Indian Spitz can reach Rs. 8000. They are more expensive and healthier.

The breeder’s reputation also influences the price of the Indian Spitz. The pets will cost more since the reputable breeder guarantees healthy and purebred dogs.

The price of vaccinations is another element that influences the cost of the Indian Spitz. Giving your dog the necessary vaccinations is crucial for preventing illnesses including parvovirus, rabies, hepatitis, and distemper. Vaccines also aid in halting the spread of certain diseases to people.

Your puppy has to be vaccinated at 6 weeks of age, and as he gets older, you need to vaccinate him for rabies every 3 years. Your veterinarian will clarify things for you.

Chief Characteristics

  • Spitz dogs are distinguished by their high intelligence and high level of activity.
  • They are versatile and may live happily in a tiny home.
  • They come in two different varieties: tiny spitz and huge spitz.
  • The average small spitz dog weighs 5-7 kilograms and is 8–10 inches tall.
  • The great spitz is about 15-20 kilograms and 14–17 inches tall.
  • They are excellent friends since they can comprehend how people connect and behave accordingly.
  • Its diet may be altered to include anything from just milk and rice to even chicken and rice.
  • Although they often come in milky white, they can also be found occasionally in brown or, less frequently, in black.
  • They are great inside pets and don’t need a lot of upkeep or attention.
  • They can pick things up quickly.


The size of this type of dog is tiny, and its hair is fluffy. Compared to European Spitz dogs, it is a little bit shorter.

This dog should seem proportionate, with an identical body length from shoulder to thigh.

The head abruptly meets the snout, which is pointed, and shorter than the skull. The dog has a black nose that sits atop its beak and does not protrude over the lips.

The Indian Spitz has large, dark eyes with a black rim that is spherical. Their small, upright ears are positioned high. The ears are trapezoidal, decent, and close together. Your Indian Spitz is not purebred if it has floppy ears.

They have a level midsection, parallel legs, a deep chest, and a slightly tucked tummy. Short and curled over, its tail is. Indian Spitz females are lighter than males in terms of body weight.

Personality & Temperament

The Indian Spitz has a high energy level and is very lively, clever, and playful. The dog is attentive, loud, and submissive. This little dog makes a beautiful watchdog as well.

The Indian Spitz is a rapid learner who likes playing. This dog often always smiles and gets along well with kids. This dog may start barking if you give it the impression that it is in charge.

This breed is loving, proud, and happy with its owners. They may acquire traits like destructiveness, separation anxiety, barking at strangers, and even biting when they are the pack leader to humans.

Due to a lack of leadership, the Indian Spitz lacks these characteristics. It’s critical to respect their animal impulses.


The Indian Spitz is one of the kinds of dogs that is easiest to live with. They are therefore exceptionally well-liked family dogs in India. Train them when they are young since they are simple to prepare.

This dog can live in a little or large apartment since they are incredibly bright and adaptable. They are easily able to fit in with people.

Give them directives like “stand,” “sit,” or “fetch,” and then give them praise when they comply. Doing this may let them know how much you value what they did.

They enjoy being around people and different dog breeds since they are friendly canines. They also want youngsters so that you may engage your kids in training this dog.


They should take a regular stroll for fitness. Although they are little dogs and may tire themselves out by running about the home, a walk is still recommended because they have so much energy.

Since they are lively, keeping them indoors all the time might drive them crazy. Take them outside occasionally and provide them with lots of attention.

Unlike other breeds, the Indian Spitz is content even in a small apartment. Make sure they have the extra room because they also like being outside.

They dislike being left alone and have a lot of energy and playfulness.

Indian Spitz Types & Colors

The giant Indian Spitz often referred to as the Greater Indian Spitz, is broken down into two groups and measures between 35 and 45 cm at the withers and weighs 12 to 20 kg.

The Smaller Indian Spitz often referred to as the Lesser Indian Spitz, is under a different group, measures 22–25 cm at the withers, and weighs 5-7 kg.

Indian Spitz white

The majority of the time, this kind is used. They have a lovely nose, lips, and eyes that are rounded and dark. Black characteristics shine out against the fluffy white coat.

Indian Spitz in Brown

The brown Indian Spitz is an uncommon breed, almost dark brown or orange in color. The dog has black lips, eyes, and nose.

Indian Spitz in Black

The least prevalent of all is this one. They have all-black features, including lips, eyes, nose, and skin color. 

Indian Spitz, are they loud?

The Indian Spitz barks more frequently and loudly at other animals and strangers. Since they are a talkative breed that can bark in response to situations to seek attention, defend, or ease separation anxiety, they like wailing and barking loudly.

Indian Spitz: Can they endure in India?

Indian Spitz is the ideal pet for any way of life. They don’t care what’s on your plate as long as you’re feeding them, and they can readily adjust to living in a tiny apartment or farmstead.

What is the price of a Spitz?

A two-year-old dog may cost between Rs. 6,000 and 8,000, but an Indian Spitz puppy may be purchased for as low as Rs. 4,000.