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July 9, 2024
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Is it Worth Pursuing a Degree in Information Technology?

In the millennial age, Information Technology or IT is a regular buzzword across different domains such as business, healthcare, hospitality, or even legal services. Every corporate office even seems to have an “IT department” which troubleshoots technological problems and issues.

In the modern-day, information technology is essential for handling operations in any business space. As the global economy increases its dependence on technological innovations, pursuing a degree in IT can bring in a lot of promising career prospects.

You can read this blog to learn more about the career scope of information technology courses.

What are the career prospects of a course in information technology?

With rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation, the global information technology domain is booming. As per, the global IT domain would be worth $5.2 trillion by the end of 2020.

Here are some high-paying careers in the industry that are available to IT graduates.

  1. IT Consultants: The job of an IT consultant was touted on the 13th position in the list of the Best Jobs in America by CNN in 2019. IT consultants are hired to evaluate the IT infrastructure of a company or the value they add to the IT industry. In simpler words, IT consultants help companies figure out how to run their computer systems better, faster, and cheaper.
  2. Cloud Architects: Al of us have uploaded data on the cloud at least once. Cloud architects give the storage space a specific structure and organisation. A major part of a cloud architect’s role also involves cloud computing. The role is highly technical and requires a comprehensive background in IT systems and networks. Hence, it is one of the well-paying roles in the IT industry.
  3. Computer Forensic Investigators: Computer forensic investigators are the Sherlock Holmes of the IT industry. They evaluate the data retrieved from computer systems to search for or identify any irregularities or discrepancies. These professionals are mostly involved in the investigations of high-profile hacking crimes. They are also often called in courts for testifying. The role requires an additional background in cybersecurity and forensics in addition to IT expertise.
  4. Health IT Specialists: Healthcare IT is an emerging field and has the potential to boom owing to the gradual automation in the healthcare industry. Health IT specialists are in charge of using their IT background to automate hospital administration processes like record keeping, medical coding, billing and cancer registry.
  5. Mobile Application Developers: In today’s world, most of us have seen or operated touch screen smart mobile phones. Mobile application developers develop useful mobile applications like WhatsApp for simplifying day-to-day life. Mobile app developers are hired to make apps in several domains such as healthcare, entertainment, and online learning.
  6. Web Developers: Web developers are the Picassos and Da Vincis of the internet. Their understanding of good operating systems helps them build responsive web pages, web applications, and web-networks. They also optimise the current web pages and sites to be optimised for fast mobile and tablet servers. Web developers need to be proficient in coding languages like JavaScript, Node Angular JSS, and HTML.

Apart from these exciting positions, you can also explore other roles like database administrators, information security analysts, information systems managers and operations analysts. You should invest in a good IT programme from a reputed university to get a strong foundation in the domain.

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