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July 25, 2024

Kanni Dog Price in India | Appearance, Grooming, Temperament

Kanni Dog Price

Tamil Nadu state is home to the venerable and endangered Kanni dog breed. Currently, Kanni is located in the districts of Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, and Virudhunagar. Small toys like rabbits, wild pigs, and blackbuck are what these medium-sized greyhounds are trained to hunt. The Western Ghats are part of the canine charm. In the Western Mountains’ foothills, kennel dogs have been employed for small game hunting. Tamil Nadu state is home to the venerable and endangered Kanni dog breed. Currently, Kanni is located in the districts of Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, and Virudhunagar. Small toys like rabbits, wild pigs, and blackbuck are what these medium-sized greyhounds are trained to hunt. The Western Ghats are part of the canine charm. In South India, this dog breed is often referred to as Maiden’s Beastmaster. There are just two colour varieties of this royal breed: black and ebony and black and tan.

What is the price of a Kanni dog in India?

The Kanni puppy costs between 6,000 and 13,000 rupees; however, these dogs are frequently given as gifts rather than sold. If you want to acquire one, be aware that the price often relies on several variables, including the breeder’s kind, location, etc. But you should be able to locate one within the given price range.

  • All dogs and pups that aren’t registered with the KCI or another kennel organization fall under the basic categories. It costs about Rs 6,000 to buy a standard Kanni dog.
  • The dog will be of high quality if it falls within the KCI category—KCI stands for Indian Kennel Club. If your dog is registered, you can participate in the KCI Dog Show and get a KCI Registration Certificate.
  • As defined by the breed standard, a dog is said to have show dog calibre if it is nearly perfect. Whether you get a pet dog or a dog with a show-quality pedigree is irrelevant if you don’t want to take your dog to dog shows.


Purebred Kannis are long, lean, and robust. These canines possess elegance and grace. This dog has a long snout and a straight head. The ears drop low to the head. Large and oval, their eyes are always attentive.

This dog is square in shape, symmetrical, and not very tall or lengthy. The proportions of every bodily component are correct. The proportions of the head, neck, limbs and other body components are proper. 

This dog resembles a cheetah with its broad chest. It has a bony tail that bends slightly towards the end. The legs of the Kanni dog are long, powerful, and lean. Their shoulders meld into their parallel front legs.

It is classy and not awkward. This dog maintains a low posture when sprinting and crosses its front and back legs. 


Despite having a short coat, the Kanni dog must still be groomed. To maintain their coat healthy, you may apply high-quality coconut oil to their skin once a week.

Although they shed hair, it is not as evident as in other dogs. No extra maintenance is necessary to maintain the most satisfactory condition of their coat.

Remember that bathing your dog more than twice a month will deprive its skin of natural oils. In addition to the court losing its shine, this might result in dry, flaky skin.

How do you recognize a Kanni dog?

The most common colours observed on Kanni dogs are black and brown and medium in size. Their eyes have a tan spot nearby. Here are some hints to assist you in recognizing the genuine Kanni.

  • The dog has to be strong, energetic, and aware. Avoid picking out sluggish, jittery pups.
  • The puppy’s body should be square-shaped.
  • Its walk should be gracefully ungainly.
  • The most popular coat colour is brown and black.
  • Its coat ought to be silky, velvety, and black.
  • Avoid purchasing a Kanni from a pet shop or a puppy mill. They don’t genuinely take excellent care of the animals; they’re kept for the money.

What separates Kanni from Chippiparai?

The Kanni dog breed and the Chippiparai dog are sometimes confused. To untrained eyes, Kanni and Chippiparai appear identical, although they differ in minor ways.

Only their size and colour are different from one another. The Kanni dog breed has several colours, while the Chippiparai dog breed is silver brown. Genetic analysis is the only reliable approach to show that these two breeds are distinct from one another.


Intense exercise sessions are necessary for Kanni dogs. When left alone, they might quickly become bored.

Because they demand more activity and room than other breed dogs, hounds and game dogs cannot live in apartments or other restricted spaces. They need lots of room to play and run about.

These canines adore being in parks. Kanni puppies are sent to rice fields for field mouse hunting training. They can use their hearing, sight, and speed more effectively.


Like many Hound breeds, this one is clever and curious. They always strive to win their owners over.

Even utilizing whistles and clicks, you can train them. Despite their stubbornness, this breed of dog is trainable with the appropriate methods and a little perseverance.

Their highly developed senses make it difficult for them to concentrate on just one thing. Please make sure there are plenty of breaks in between their training sessions.

For the Kanni dog breed, positive reinforcement training is reasonably practical. By controlling their prey drive, they may learn more effectively and quickly.


Kanni canines are observant. They show their owners and family members a lot of love but no interest in strangers.

They are engaged and prepared to work. They like playing ball fetch. They make excellent security dogs and are also quite fearless.

They are incredibly bright and intelligent and have a reputation for making excellent decisions when their master is not around. Kanni dogs are calm and only bark when necessary.

These dogs can get out of control and be too violent when kept in isolation. They dislike being alone and are quickly bored. When bored, kids could chew on things like shoes or furniture. 

The Kanni dog requires specialized care that a first-time owner might not be able to provide if you are inexperienced with dogs and spend a lot of time at work.


How can you identify the genuine Kanni?

A medium-sized muzzle is characteristic of Kanni dogs. The most common colours are back and tan; however, they come in various hues. Your eye has a blemish.
1. The dog has to be energetic, aware, and in good condition. Avoid selecting fearful pups.
2. The puppy should walk with a vibrant, honest stride.
3. The puppy’s body must be square-shaped.
4. Tan and black are my favourite colours.
5. The puppy should have silky black hair on its coat.
6. Learn the hunter’s personality traits. This article will teach you everything about Kanni.
7. Avoid buying a cane from a pet store or a business that breeds dogs.

What is the price of a Kanni dog?

The price of a Kanni dog is between INR 6,000 to INR 13,000.

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