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April 20, 2024

Know About Axor Helmets Price in India

Axor Helmet

As you know Axor helmet is a quite known brand in India for helmets. While talking about helmets one must know that it is a basic compulsion for ages now which has gained a requirement in town. Helmets are like a necessity to people these days. Without a helmet, our lives and the lives of traffic police are empty too. While it is known that there is no concussion-proof helmet, it can still protect you from a serious injury. As you know, more than wearing a helmet, it is much more important to wear the right helmet overall. It is said to be a form of protective gear which is worn to protect our heads or skull. It is used for activities and sports as well. One must know. Since the 1990s most helmets are made from resin or plastic which may be reinforced with such fibers and aramids. Helmets are of various types too that have developed over time by now as most of them were used for athletic purposes while some had military uses. While talking about modern helmets they have a much wider range of applications that need specific environments too. But one must take into consideration too that a helmet could not completely help you against each damage that occurred.

Price of Axor helmets under 5000

The various price range of the Axor Helmets are as follows:

Axor Helmets Under 5000Axor Helmets Price in IndiaBuy Now
Axor Apex Venomous Black Blue Helmet-MINR 4,844
Axor Apex Vivid Black Neon Yellow Helmet-MINR 4,844
Axor Che Helmet with Ruin Goggle-MINR 4,936
Vega Axor Apex Hunter D/V Injection moulded Polycarbonate Dull Helmet-Medium , Black RedINR 4,844
Axor Apex Seadevil Dull Black Gold Helmet-LINR 4,709
Axor Rage RTR Black Orange Helmet-MINR 3,410
Axor Street Okami Black Red Helmet-MINR 4,744
Axor Striker Ultron Black Grey Helmet-MINR 2,996
Axor Alberto Helmet with Glitz Goggle-LINR 4,994
Axor Retro Jet Ibiza Helmet (Beige, M)INR 2,870

About Axor helmets 

While talking about the Axor Helmets it started its journey in the year 2015 with the collaboration of international designers and experts in the industry and is designed in Italy while promoted by the pioneers exclusively of India, Vega. It was mainly created to serve out the premium biking segment with high-end products while keeping it cost-effective yet not at all compromising the quality and safety standards of the helmets. As you know the Axor Helmets are conceptualised and designed prolly in Italy while exclusively promoted by the pioneers. Vega has already introduced the actor helmet brand but they have also launched the brand with a better and higher safety helmet, they have also brought the new brand Shiro. Both of these brands aren’t made in India but they are imported instead in India. We have almost had the best now for more than two months and people have been using it for regular riding too. The reviews about the Axor Helmets have some quality issues as it was the first of the major lot. People were very comfortable using these Axor helmets as they have been introduced as the most common and used ones in India. 

Structure of the Axor helmet

While one notices that the design of the Axor helmets has more edges and curves for a more aerodynamic feel. It usually gets up the rubber lip at the rear. Its structure has a total of 5 vents, a chin vent and over the forehead, it has 2 vents and 2 at the back with a slide single cover. The design of the visor is usually very precise and it goes on very well with the shell design. It has two-layer internal padding. The one which is closer to the face is thin yet soft and very cushiony, while the second layer of it is a foam that is too hard and it sticks a lot to the shell. It has a normal fit and is strapped with a regular slide-in strap. According to its design shell, its visor has been designed. These types of helmets usually feel very airy on the inside but while focusing on their space it’s very spacious to slide your spectacles in. The approximate weight of the helmet is around 1400 grams and it feels too light. It holds the top of the hold and the cheeks. It’s usually designed for high speeds but it still feels good till a certain km/ hr that is 150 km/ hour because after that it usually doesn’t feel very comfortable. As it has a dual visor and an internal visor and has a super mirror finish to it. It can be used only in the daytime as suggested. This combination eliminates the need for extra sunglasses and suits it very well too. Axor helmets are very well known in India.

While talking about the Shiro SH 600 the matte shade makes it look even more attractive. Every helmet has its comfort and color and which is why people choose as per their preferences and choices. In the current situation, no other helmet is as good as “Axor helmets India” Nowadays there are new helmets that are coming into existence. The design of such helmets is getting even better according to the moving generation. Earlier such branded helmets were not in existence but now they have features that make it more comfortable for them to even use them. “Axor helmet under 5000” with the ever II and DOT ratings, the safety of these helmets is not compromised and still making them the best pick for the current market. Axor helmet India has gained a lot of popularity.

“Axor black helmets” price depends on the quality, size, and color of it. The most known brands happen to be very expensive due to their current demand. Given above is the list of the Axor helmets which are very known and used by people till today.

One must rule the road but wear a crown first as your helmets happen to be the most important gears of your life!!!

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