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April 20, 2024
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Know About Jade Plant Before Planting it

You might want to contribute to saving the environment by having more plants in your garden, but you sometimes get so busy in your work that you forget to take care of your plants. There can be times when you have to go on business tours and go on trips with your family. One should properly look after the plants and pay attention to them. However, some easy maintenance plants like succulents are natives of hot and deserted regions. The Jade plant is one of them which is also known as Crassula ovata. You can buy jade plants online as there are different varieties of Jade plants over there, and the common one has fleshy dark green leaves of round shape, which have a wax-like coating on them. These are fleshy because they hold water in them, which you can check by plucking one leaf and squeezing it. The stem of this plant is hardy and in brown color. It looks like a small tree as it grows, and it can reach a height of 5 feet. The flowers of Crassula ovata are pink and white color.

Your jade plant love sun
Crassula ovata can live under sunlight, and it should get some amount of the sun; otherwise, it can die. Sunlight is a portion of food for this plant and cannot live without its food. It can live without water for some days but not without sunlight. If you will place it in shady areas, then its stem will not be stiff and will become soft. Succulents like Jade are tropical plants and are made to live under the sun.

During the summer season, the temperature can rise to forty-eight degree Celsius, and the sun can be extremely hot in the afternoons; thus, you can place your Crassula ovata in areas where they can receive sunshine for some time because the scorching heat of the sun in this season can make the leaves of the plant pale. It does not mean that you can keep them in the shade as it can ultimately damage the full absence of sunlight.

Do not water this plant daily
You will not have to give water to your Crassula ovata every day as it requires less water. You can water it once in one or two weeks, depending on the type of weather. There should be drainage holes in the pot of your plant, and this is necessary for every kind of plant. These holes help the excess water to come out of the container. These holes should not be too big or too many, as the soil can come out of them in this case.

There can be cases that you forget watering your plant for so long, and then you give it a lot of water because you think that it would be thirsty. This is a wrong practice as water should be delivered in an equal amount after a similar time interval. Leaves of your plant can damage if you will splash the water on them while watering the plant. You can buy a good sprinkler online for watering your plants. It would be best if you do the shopping of some gardening tools along with buying your jade plant online.

Prune it for the desired shape
Dead leaves and branches are removed so that the plant can focus on its essential parts. As we do the cutting of our extra nails and hair to have a better look, similarly, your plant’s pruning is also crucial. Jade plants are given different shapes with proper cutting. You can cut the jade plant with scissors from the desired area if you want it in a particular form. While cutting your plant, you should keep in mind that you should cut the plant from just above the node. The remains of cutting can be used for propagation. It can grow with small cuttings like of one to two inches and also with a single leaf. However, smaller cuttings can take a long time to develop. These look captivating when hung on walls as some people even keep them in hanging pots.

Soil should be friendly
Crassula ovata can grow in almost any type of soil, but if you want your plant to grow better, you should mix some sand or stones in your soil to drain water. Excess water can cause the root rot in the jade plant; therefore, the soil should be such that it does not hold water. The soil must drain the water quickly. You can also avoid fungus by doing this. Your plants can grow better than others if you soften the upper layer of soil of your plant because it helps the ground to get air.

If you want to get the benefits of plants as there are many of them like these refresh the air, so you should order plants online without even stepping out of your house. It can be challenging to find the best nursery near you, whereas, on the internet, you can access nurseries worldwide.