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July 25, 2024

KTM Duke 200 Price in Kerala, Features, Design, Performance

The loud, unapologetic, frantic, fast, and bright KTM Duke 200 motorcycle has been the new need for the riders. The stepping stone for KTM in India was from Duke 200, and probably after 8 long years, the brand has finally come up with some major updates. The bike looks amazingly new, while the price is on the higher side. 

Going back to the years before when KTM Duke 200 set its benchmarks along with some of the updates that it has offered in the years has resulted in losing some of the frantic nature. Therefore with the new BS6 update, we will find out in detail if choosing will be a good decision or not. 

Post the partnership between KTM and Bajaj; Duke 200 was the very first name that came up in the market. The motorbike was launched in 2012. With some updates that the brand decided to make, like adding new graphics, BS4, ABS introduction, and a few more, the bike was always in demand. However, in 2020 there has been a huge change which includes the BS6 updates.

KTM Duke 200 BS6 (BSVI) Specifications

Mileage (City)35km/l
Engine TypeSingle Cylinder, 4 Valve, Liquid Cooled, FI, DOHC
Max Power25.83 PS @ 10,000 rpm
Fuel Capacity13.5L
Duke 200 On-Road Price in KeralaRs.2,15,326*

The new KTM Duke 200 looks similar to the fresh Duke 250. 

Styling: After a long time, KTM Duke 200 has been given a completely new look. However, if you are someone very familiar with the KTM motorcycle looks, then you might find the resemblance with the Duke 250. The reality is that its dimension is almost similar. It has been included with the new generation halogen headlights along with its body panels combined with the large fuel tank that have given it a completely new dimension and style to it.

You can find some more changes like side-mounted exhaust, which has been completely replaced with the underbelly exhaust. The different belly pan is due to the exhaust being routed from its front. Duke 200 has been provided with the new colors along with graphics, but the combination of black and orange still exists. You will now find a larger grab rail and a functional and rigid unit.

Switchgear: Both Duke 250 and 200 have a similar instrument cluster. The information that you get on Duke 250 is exactly the same in Duke 200 as well, but it looks small due to the rubber cover top being removed. However, you will find some more information popping up, which includes the status of ABS. Its switchgear is similar, consisting of the piano black finish on its switches.

However, you might find some lack of quality here. Besides, the ignition key is also taken from Duke 250, which is now near the tank instead of the handlebar.

Ergonomics: No doubt that it is more like Duke 250 now, and even its ergonomics remains the same. The upright seating posture with its seat height at 823mm is similar to Duke 250. However, it seems slightly higher. Somehow this new design offers improved space to move, and its handlebar is far from the rider, which adds to some leverage. You will get the seats that look similar to that of Duke 250, along with a decent amount of cushioning but bigger than the old Duke 200.

Its pillion is more comfortable along with the big graphics and becomes a lot handy. No doubt that old Duke ergonomics was pretty demanding, but the new one seems to be much more comfortable. The linear and subtle power delivery is also something that will make you fall in love with it.

Performance: Although there has been the addition of the BS6, the new KTM has somehow managed to get the figures of the 199.5cc motor. The bike can still produce 19.3 Nm torque and 25 PS power which is definitely more than its previous model. The motor feels a lot smoother even when the rev band remains similar. You will find the motor hitting redline pretty fast, 

However, its power delivery is definitely not as frantic as it previously was, keeping the feel similar to the Duke, which is always eager to hit its limit. It has the performance of reaching 130 km/hr while its vibrations could not bother you that hard. The fuel efficiency is similar, which is 28 – 32km/l, therefore, making it the perfect choice. 

Final verdict: Well, no doubt that Duke 200 is similar to the Duke 250, but it had a slightly better performance. Consider checking the duke 200 price in Kerala before buying. So if you are a rider, Duke 200 will give you the gear to ride more.

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