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May 23, 2024

Long-Term Effects Of Living In A Technological World

Without any shadow of a doubt, we are living in an era of massive technological advancements which have entirely transformed our lives. Nowadays, you will find a touch of technology in everything you use, see or know about. It is because that technology has provided us with so much ease and comfort that we find ourselves chained with it. Nobody wants to invest extra time and energy in a job that he can do more conveniently with technology. Both the effects are complementary, and we have to bear the other to avail one.

We have become so used to using technology that the long-term effects it has on us now seem to be a part of our lives. We live under their influence without realizing it. Here are some positive and negative effects of living in a technological world.

Ease in communication:
The ease provided by technology in communication has not just reduced long distances but almost vanished them. Various social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, and others allow users to communicate with ease and fun. Video calls, conference calls, online meetings, presentations, video link, and several other features stand as a landmark in communication. People around the globe have become closer using modern means of communication. It doesn’t only impact individuals’ lives but also facilitates small and large organizations, governments, and intelligence agencies. Now we can stay in touch with our loved ones at any time and from any part of the world.

Effective learning:
Technology has made the learning process more useful for the students as well as teachers. The internet has provided a platform for free learning to anyone and everyone. You will find innovative methods of teaching difficult topics with ease and convenience. The use of multimedia in classrooms has transformed the learning process. The use of technology aids the learning process by simplifying complicated concepts. E-books on thousands of different topics are available on the internet. Some websites like blog post writing service have quality learning material with easy access for everyone. With advancement, it has also provided us with low-cost implications.

Fight against poverty and hunger:
Technology has played a crucial role in fighting against social problems like hunger and poverty. It has aided the efforts to remove famine and hunger from underdeveloped countries. Technology has also played a role in curbing poverty from the world. The leading cause of poverty is unemployment. Technology encourages more production in industries and thus creates employment for people. It improves the standard of living of citizens of a state.

Improved health facilities:
In the field of medical and health sciences, technology has done wonders. From the development of testing machines to life-saving drugs, technology has played a crucial role. The preparation of vaccines again, certain bacteria and viruses is yet another example. Treatment of chronic diseases like cancer, Hepatitis, tumours, and others has been made possible by technological advancement.

There is a long list of how technology has impacted our lives positively. However, the other side of the picture doesn’t seem too appreciable. A long list of negative impacts is also there, which can’t be ignored. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Excessive dependency on technology:
If we observe our lifestyle, we will notice that we rely on technology way too much. Even for small routine tasks, we look for high-tech devices. We are gradually losing the ability to work manually by using ordinary things. A kid in school uses a calculator for solving simple sums instead of doing it on his own. We want instant results for everything; It has badly affected our cognitive skills. We are reluctant to think about a problem and find the solution. Instead, we prefer to search everything on Google.

Social Media Addiction:
A popular application of technology is social media. On the one hand, it is the source of entertainment, communication, and information. However, on the other hand, it proves to be addictive. Social media addiction is equally harmful, like drug addiction. This is alarming and needs immediate attention. Otherwise, the addict may develop mental health issues and suicide intentions.

Destructive weapons:
The most virulent form of technological applications is the development of destructive weapons of war. The warfare has increased to a high level due to these brutal weapons that scientists with the intention of defense developed; however, they now serve to spread terror and prove supremacy over the weak. The use of atomic bombs and other nuclear weapons has lasting effects on the affected country that they can’t recover quickly. An example is the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These weapons have also resulted in increasing terrorism and violence across the globe.

On the one hand, technology has transformed the way we communicate by decreasing long distances. However, technology has also resulted in disconnecting individuals. People are so busy that they do not even get the time to talk to their family daily. The concept of family time has vanished gradually. Children are also busy with their gadgets and tend to turn to Google to solve every problem instead of discussing it with their parents and elders. We know what our friend had for the dinner, which is living on the other side of the world, but do not know if our neighbor is alright or not. This social collapse has the deadliest effects on our society.

It is our duty to use technology responsibly and protect ourselves and our society from its negative impacts.

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