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July 19, 2024

Love Birds Price in India | Nature, Appearance and Health

Lovebirds price in India

You certainly have heard about lovebirds. The lovebirds are the smallest creatures in the entire parrot family. You can find nine different subspecies of these love birds, which are native to Africa. While there are several species, some of the most common ones are Masked, Peach-faced, and Fischer Love birds. If you have ever witnessed a lovebird, you must know how adorable, curious, charming, and fascinating they are. They will certainly keep you entertained throughout the day with their presence.

These species can immediately create a bond because of their incredible nature. It is one of the primary reasons why these are often known as lovebirds. So, if you’re willing to pet lovebirds, you might be wondering about the lovebirds price in India. Apart from this, you might want to know in detail about their personality and several other pieces of information.

Lovebirds price in India

In general, the lovebird’s price in India starts somewhere from Rs.1200 and can also move up to Rs.24,000. However, it depends on the color and species that you are choosing. When you are willing to put a Rosie peach-faced one, it might cost you somewhere around Rs.1200, whereas Opaline lovebirds can cost up to Rs.24,000.

Nature of lovebirds

One of the biggest myths you can hear about lovebirds is that they should be kept in a pair or they might die. However, you will hear from most breeders that this is definitely not true. On the contrary, owners mostly recommend keeping a single lovebird so that they can make great bonds with their owners.

However, if you want to buy one lovebird, it is better that you choose male birds as they can be a better companion. Female lovebirds might be aggressive due to their hormonal changes, whereas male lovebirds do not go through such changes. These social pairs can be excellent pets, especially the male lovebirds, as they are less aggressive than the females.

However, if you are looking to keep a pair of lovebirds, it is better that you buy young. They will remain connected when they already have a bond with each other. However, in that case, you might not be able to connect with them as they will be busy with their partner. Even there are times when lovebirds become very aggressive and can also kill their own partner.


The love birds are generally smaller, but they have larger beaks with small tails. This actually gives it an adorable appearance. They have a weight of around only 50 to 70 g and usually have a height of 5 to 7 inches. You will not be able to distinguish between females and males when they are babies. So, there are chances that you might need to go for a DNA test to understand the gender.

Feeding and care

When you keep these lovebirds in a tiny place, they often get aggressive and neurotic. So, it is a must for the owners to buy a larger-sized cage so that they are able to continue their activities. They love to run, play and fly everywhere. Since they are very active, it is also a must for the owners to bring toys inside the cage and keep them stimulated and active.

Love birds are known for their active and energetic self. So, you have to make sure that you provide them with essential nutrients in their diet. Many owners start feeding their birds with seeds which are definitely not recommended. You can provide a palleted diet to your love birds with small amounts of grains and fresh fruit daily.

A diet containing fresh food must have dark leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, beet greens, and bok choy. These are essential for your birds to maintain their nutrient requirement. However, if you are still unsure, it is always better to ask the vet or breeder to understand the best food to offer your love birds.

Common health issues

Just like any other species, lovebirds also have different types of health issues. There are often some chances of getting health diseases if you don’t feed them a proper nutrient-rich diet. So, whenever you’re bringing a lovebird home, you must be sure about providing them with the proper diet and place for them to thrive.

Following are some of the most common health diseases experienced in love birds.

  • Feather disease and Psittacine beak: This is one of the most common diseases witnessed among love birds. They can easily become a victim of this disease even when they are at a young age. You will find the feather development in lovebirds becoming abnormal due to the presence of this disease.
  • Pacheco’s disease: This is one of the diseases that can become severe. It is caused due to herpes virus. The virus can seriously have an effect on the liver of these birds and can even become fatal. So, it is always recommended to get your birds diagnosed before you choose.
  • Feather plucking: There are times when due to some unhealthy diet, these lovebirds get edgy. This is when they start plucking the feathers. Hence, owners need to provide them with a healthy diet daily. Even this is a common behavioral trait that is experienced when they are trying to make themselves clean. So, you should provide a time-to-time bath and a proper amount of food.
  • Depression: Oftentimes, lovebirds suffer from depression just like humans do. Weight loss and feather plucking are one of the most common symptoms of depression among love birds. So, it is essential for you to provide ample time along with toys to keep them active and let them do their activities.

Summing Up: If you’re willing to pet lovebirds in pairs or single, you must have the necessary knowledge about them. While these are one of the most common birds chosen by the owners, not everyone has complete knowledge about the species. 

So, hopefully, from this article, you will be able to acquire comprehensive details.’However, when it comes to the lovebirds price in India, you must know that it can vary from one species to another. 


How to choose a lovebird breeder?

It is always a must for you to ensure the breeder quality. Remember that a reputed breeder gains reputation from service. So check the reviews and ratings of breeders before you choose lovebirds.

Is the price of love birds the same everywhere in India?

No! Even when it will slightly vary, the price will be different. Urban areas always have higher price tags compared to rural areas.