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April 22, 2024

Macaw Parrot Price In India

macaw parrot price in India

The huge, colorful, and exquisite macaw is a member of the parrot family. They are gregarious, clever birds. Within the flock, they may vocalize to communicate. Some of them are even capable of mimicking human speech. Given that macaws may live up to 60 years in the wild, they make ideal life partners. However, they are listed as an endangered species.

The colorful feather patterns and endearing personalities of macaws have made them a popular species in the illicit trade. Many of them are captured in their native rainforest illegally and sold there for exorbitant prices.

What is the price of a Macaw Parrot in India?

A Macaw parrot may cost anywhere from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 in India, with the average being Rs. 1,20,000. The cost of a Macaw parrot can vary based on the bird’s demand, coloration, feather quality, breed quality, reputation of the breeder, whether it was parent-raised or hand-fed, and more.

The Arabic word “makawk,” which translates to “big bird,” is where the name “macaw” originates. These vibrant birds have a lengthy lifetime and are among the largest parrots in terms of natural size.

Because of their high degree of intellect and generally placid nature, they are frequently regarded as pets. They are gregarious, playful, and very clever animals. These lovely creatures come in a variety of colors, which makes them very sought-after as pets.

Factors Affecting Indian Macaw Parrot Prices

Breeder standing

Additionally, a macaw purchased from a well-known bird breeder will cost extra. Compared to private bird breeders, reputable breeders have Macaws of excellent quality for pets. Hybrid and Hyacinth Macaws are unusual pets that are more expensive. It is challenging to breed them. The majority of them make popular pets and are simple to teach.

However, since Blue and Gold Macaws are raised in captivity, their price will be lower.

Parent-Raised vs. Hand-Fed Birds

Hand-fed birds are popular as pets because they form strong bonds with their owners rapidly. They are more expensive and take better training. Birds that are hand-fed are taken away from their parents at a young age. Birds are fed by hand until they can be weaned onto solid food. Macaws with a health certificate: The cost of a macaw is significantly influenced by the presence of a health certificate.

Reputable breeders sometimes offer a health assurance that the Macaw has been checked for sickness or disease by an avian veterinarian. Costs are higher for a Macaw with a health certificate.

Macaw Parrot Types

Macaw of Hahn

Beautiful birds called Hahn’s macaws inhabit the woods of Brazil and Peru. These are the tiniest Macaws and are quite sociable. They are easily trainable and make effective communicators. Hahn’s Macaws and their owners form close connections immediately. Like other macaws, Hahn’s macaws devour fruit and nuts, but they also eat insects like termites and grasshoppers that they locate on the ground or on trees.

Hybrid Macaw

These Macaw varieties have a mixed ancestry. Due to their colors and pet-like qualities, they are preferred. The Hybrid Macaw is a stunning bird that was created by the cross-breeding of two closely related species. 

Red-Headed Macaw

The scarlet macaw is a stunning, perceptive, and sociable bird. They enjoy playing and interacting with people, yet they grow bored easily. As a pet, scarlet macaws want their owners’ undivided attention. When hand-fed, these birds may form close relationships with their humans. Compared to other birds, the scarlet macaw requires a larger living space.

Blue-Crowned Macaw

Yellow Collared Macaws are clever and sociable like other Macaw bird species. They are demanding and clamor for their owners’ attention. They are cunning and could devise means of eluding capture. They should always be kept in a cage or aviary.


Macaw parrots are exuberant, energetic, and extremely active birds. They may form long-lasting friends if given a diet high in nutrients and enough space to exercise. These birds are kind and affectionate. Once they become attached to their owner, they could start to want it. However, if abandoned or given inadequate care, they may become violent and destructive. Aggression can also be sparked by abrupt environmental changes, such as placing them in a small area.

To keep active, macaw parrots need both mental and physical stimulus. From an early age, they may be taught social skills. The majority of Macaw parrots can sing. They are able to be trained to imitate human speech.

Voicing and Speech

The macaw parrot is talkative. If they aren’t taught, they can yell and be quite noisy. These birds can imitate spoken language. However, they don’t have as clear a voice as some other birds. The Blue and Gold Macaw is the most effective big Macaw for voice training. More effectively than the other tiny Macaws, the Hahn’s Macaw can sing.

Colors and Marks

In the wild, macaw parrots may be found in 17 different species. However, only huge, vibrant macaws are sold as pets. Finding little macaws is difficult. The smaller parrots include Illiger’s, Hahn’s, and yellow-collared macaws.

The most popular Macaw pet parrots are Hyacinth, Military, Blue and Gold, and Scarlet. The most colorful of the Macaw species is the rainbow macaw, often known as the Catalina.


What a Macaw Parrot’s cage should be?

A macaw needs a cage that is high enough to keep its tail feathers from slamming on the bottom of the cage.

What cuisine does a Macaw like to eat?

Roaches, grasshoppers, and snails.