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April 23, 2024

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth, Family and Career

MBA chai wala

If you have been a part of the web, you must be aware of the popular MBA Chai Wala. But who is he? What is the MBA chai wala net worth? If you want to know everything about this guy, make sure that you keep reading as we will find out everything about this new famous person on the internet.

Who is MBA Chai Wala?

Prafull Billore is a popular MBA Chaiwala who has taken the internet by storm. This guy was born in Madhya Pradesh within the Dhar district in the year 1996. He belongs to a very middle-class family but is now famous as MBA Chaiwala across the nation. Apart from this, he has a start-up business and is a motivational speaker.

This guy started his journey from 2017 to 2018 with a small investment of Rs. 8000 in Ahmedabad. Additionally, he also made his Tea stall on the roadside to sell tea for two years. In these two years, while he was selling tea, he constantly focused on expanding the business and taking it higher. The full form of MBA Chai Wala is Mr. Billore Ahmedabad Chai Wala.

He started getting recognized when he sold complimentary tea on Valentine’s Day for singles. It was humorous when he began with the slogan “Free tea for singles.” It grabbed attention, and immediately the crowd came over to enjoy tea. However, the marketing strategy adopted by this intelligent person is top-notch to get attention.

Early life and starting of business: 

After he failed his CAT exam when he was 20, he moved to India to explore and stayed in some big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and other cities. Even when Americans immensely inspired him and how they used to work, he started working at McDonald’s. 

However, back in his mind, he was planning to open a tea stall after watching the immense craze for tea in India. After thinking for 50 days, he opened a stall. After completing his daily shift at McDonald’s, he worked for a few hours in the stall.

On the very first day, he couldn’t do anything. However, from the second day, he started earning a little bit. On his second day, his earnings were precisely Rs.300. However, after watching, he created a strategy on the third day and decided to speak in English and offer chai to people. The approach helped him to grab the attention of the new-age customers. People were talking about how easily he communicated in English and sold tea.

MBA Chai Wala net worth

His tea business started with only Rs.8000, and the money he borrowed from his family by lying to them. He hid the real reason for asking for money. He mentioned that he required money to pay the course fee. So his family handed him Rs.8000, which he utilized to set up a tea stall on the roadside. However, his business became bigger in just a few days and got people’s attention. 

The turnover of MBA Chai wala is around 1 to 2 crores annually. Additionally, he has also started earning great from YouTube advertisements. His business has become so huge that he has now begun giving franchisees to generate even more income from different parts of the nation. The MBA Chai Wala net worth is $3 million.

Relationships and family of MBA Chai Wala

Prafull Billore or the MBA Chai Wala have not shared any detail about the family in an interview. Even when he did not share details about family members and siblings, he shared pictures of his mom and dad on social media like Instagram.

The MBA Chai wala is married, and his wife is Shreya Billore. They have a son named Miransh Billore, which is now known after sharing the happy moments on his account. You can visit Instagram to check pictures of his son and wife. Apart from this, he did not share any information regarding other family members or siblings.

Career of MBA Chai Wala: 

He belongs to a very middle-class family and has struggled a lot. He has to face hardships, and his journey is not easy like any other guy. Even after studying in the best college in India and giving MBA exams for three consecutive years, he could not pursue the college. This was when he studied B.Com and started exploring India when he decided to create his Tea stall by lying about the money.

He started the tea stall in 2017, and in just a few months, he got popular by getting attention. Now he has his cafe, offering tea, coffee and other beverages. He is also a social media influencer and entrepreneur. Besides, the MBA Chai Wala branches are now available in different big cities across India, offering the best beverages to people.

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