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April 15, 2024

Mobile App Development Process

Mobile App Development

After deciding to build an mobile app, there arise numerous questions such as, “What will be the cost of the app” or “How long will it take to develop the app” Due to the rising competition and before the market gets saturated the company needs to complete its app else the competition will take over.

For starters, it is almost impossible to determine the exact time which will be taken for this app to be built. There are numerous factors that affect the process of building an app may it be on an android platform or an IOS platform.


It depends on which platform you decide to build your app on. Generally, it is a bit difficult or time-consuming to develop an app on the android platform. Due to the fact that android works on a lot more devices. Different dimensions and the developer needs to make sure that it meets the criteria of all the platforms. On the other hand, an app that is only built on the IOS platform takes a bit less time to build. As it is a specified platform for just a few devices.


If the app is more complex to build or contains a lot of features. Generally it is more difficult to build that app. Moreover, it takes more time to develop that complex app. If the app is similar to another idea then, in that case, it will take less time as there will be no innovation required. But if the idea is fully new ground-up then it becomes a bit difficult to understand for the programmer.


An increase in the number of features will increase the time taken to complete the app. Although good mobile app development companies manage to complete their task. In time as per the requirement of the number of features, the time is determined. Normally a game consists of a lot of features. Therefore it requires a lot more time to develop as compared to a restaurant delivery online app. Due to the fact that it offers lesser features.

Target audience

The target audience also plays a vital role because if the target audience is less, that means only certain features will be offered which becomes the reason for an app to be developed faster but if the target audience is big, it includes unnecessary features which increase the load time, budget, time is taken to develop the app and rebound rate.


If the project is outsourced and the company developing the app is in another country, there comes a communication gap. Sometimes the developer takes a long to respond or the client needs to take an appointment just to state reviews and identify problems that need to be fixed before the launching of the app. This communication gap results in more time for the app to be developed.