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April 14, 2024

Must Know the Difference between Independent and Dependent Variable

Independent vs. Dependent Variable

In any context, a variable is the missing information one tries to measure or find out. It ranges from an object, amount, quantity, time and sometimes even ideas. In mathematical context, a variable is the result of the function when an input is given and through different process and applying certain function we achieve an output. That output is known as the identification of the variable. But when it comes to general things for example while watching a show, the variable in that contest is the generation of the intended feelings and emotions from the audience. Therefore, when it comes to analysis and assessment of data, there is an involvement of mainly two kinds of variables namely- dependent and independent variable. Due to the presence of different variables in almost all the context, it is a very easy possibility to get confused amongst the two.

Independent Variables

The independent variable is the one which remains unaffected with any function of the experiment or usage of function. The value of an independent variable is free from any effect of the functions and are considered by the scientists or the individual performing a function as having an effect on the dependent variable. They are manipulated and put into use to obtain the dependent variable. It changes on its own or is changed by the scientist in search for another output. They are also referred to as explanatory variables as they explain the relation between the present variable and the complete function. They are also known as the manipulated variable as they are manipulated and utilized to get the intended outcome. Also, referred to as the controlled variable as this is the variable which remains constant helping to gain the clear answer one is looking for. In short, one can say that an independent variable is one which is controlled and remain absolute in any given experiment. As they are independent of any factor, there is no factor or changes which can bring about a change in them. They can change on their own or naturally. It always for an absolute input in an experiment.

Dependent Variables

A dependent variable is the one which one is trying to measure or find in any experiment. It is always the output of the manipulation of the independent variable. It is output measured as a result of the independent variable put through a particular process or function. In short, one can say that a dependent variable is one which is tested and analyzed in any given experiment. It is the variable one intends to search for and monitor the changes displayed by it. So, it is also called the measured variable or the responding variable as it is the result or the response of the experiment done on the independent variable. It also known as the explained variable for it finally completes the experiment establishing the relationship between the experiment and the independent variable.


An example of recognizing an independent and dependent variable in daily life is the experiment involving fertilizer and its effect on different plants. Here, the fertilizer remains an independent variable as it remains the same throughout, while the different types of plants are dependent and will show the effect of the fertilizer which will differ for different types of plants.

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